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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Jan 7, 1944
Friday nite
11 p.m.

Hello honey--

Not much news today. Went through the usually daily routine of cleaning, ironing, cooking, scrubbing floors, after kids awakened we went down town and shopped, and then back home again to prepare supper --etc.

Judy went down to Loughs while Lanie and I stayed at home. She's such a mama's girl, being with me constantly -- 24 hrs a day.

I was going to a movie to see Rosalind Russell in What a Woman -- but couldn't get anyone to stay with the kids -- so spent the usual evening at home. Marian came over and we sat and shmoosed for while - until I took the girls upstairs, prepared them for bed, and read them stories. They said their prayers, and then off to sleep (after whispering & giggling for a while). They are becoming companions and play nicely, except for an occasional tiff when Elaine wants something that Judy has, and doesn't have the schrewdness to get it from her without causing a fuss.

Judy was throwing questions at me tonight about distances -- how far away you are, how many miles, and how many days, and how soon the war would be over, and when would V for Victory come.

She helped me with the dishes tonight, doing a very thorough job. This morning she dusted everything in sight -- took all the books off the shelves an then was too tired to put them back, so I finished the job. She gets into such a fit of helping mood, but I encourage it, even though it usually means more work for me in the end. Elaine too, always gets busy when she sees me working --she takes the sweeper, & dust mop & goes to town. When I wash dishes, she gets up on the little stool and "helps me" by replacing all the clean dishes back in the dishwater.

Today, she suddenly said "echo, echo, where's echo mother." She still remembered the time we all called "echo" across the lake -- in Lakewood. She often talks about the lake too. She still says "daddy's at Camp Dix" --even tho I've told her daddy is overseas. Of course she doesn't understand the meaning of overseas--and she does know all about Camp Dix.

I've been trying to determine where you could be--it couldn't be very far away--since you were gone less than two weeks before I received your cable. I hope you can tell me where you are when I receive your mail.

Received a card from Ginny today asking for the radio which Ben loaned you. She thought that I had it. It will break Jake's heart when I tell him you have it with you. He will probably send me a bill for it.

Nothing more to write now sweets. Keep well, and safe & in god spirits. Marian and the kids send regards.

All my love captain, Ros.


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