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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Jan 6, 1944
Thursday nite
11 P.M.

Dearest sweets --

Just awakened from a little snooze in the wing chair in the corner, where I had been reading. Just like old times ? except -- --

Three fourths of the Felson family spend the event with 3/4 of the Tennenbaum family. Hy is out of town -- he is spending the week-end with Sam Zussman in Hillsboro. Poor things -- they are so overworked, they decided they needed a rest. So Marian asked us over for supper. I brought my contributions of liver and spinach for the kids and she furnished hot dogs and sauerkraut and was it good! It really hit the spot. The kids all had a nice time & didn't want to leave at 8 o'clock but after a little insistence on my part we donned our wraps, & went to 357 South St -- on the corner -- remember? Dr. Felson's residence -- that reminds me you still have an occasional patient come to the door asking if the doctor is in. I feel like shouting "no damn it!--but, say politely say, No, the doctor is in the army. One night I was awakened at about 12 30 a.m. by an accident case-- was I furious! But I suppose it's not their fault -- if the sign says "come one come all -- Dr. Felson -- X-Ray --etc." When the lights go on again" -- etc.

I find there is a song for almost every thought these days -- seems as if there are a few others in the world in similar predicaments -- but to me, my situation is the only one -- am I selfish, or is it merely human nature?

Do you like my new air-mail stationery? I bought it today from Wib.

I am hoping to receive mail from you within the next week so that is won't seem as if I'm writing to a silent partner.

Today was a beautiful, sunny brisk day. The 3 day rain had completely washed away all traces of our heavy snow.

I walked down town with both kids today to do my shopping. They always attract attention and I hear remarks such as "aren't they cute" -- "aren't those suits darling." Today again, a woman stopped to ask me if I had made the snow suits.

Finally balanced our checking account after all the checks came in. We have the tremendous balance of $96.45. Of course my account has $690.00 deposited from the last 3 allotment checks. Three of your $9.06 checks came through -- one for Boriss, Earl Smith, and Mark Canal. There were two checks made out to Roginski for 25.00 each --that had been recorded by you. We had made out 59 checks from Sept 1 -- Dec 31st. We really spend money in those few months! Of course you purchased $1150.00 worth of bonds -- deducting $2639.67 worth of checks -- from 2761.12 didn't leave much. We spent our $15 dollars -- its here on black and white.

Your girls are all fine. Today Lanie Mart was reading a book and came across a picture of an umbrella, which she called a "rainbrella" --rather well put, I thought.

Judy is absolutely growing out of everything she owns. If I don't get her some new clothes she'll be showing her tussy soon. She is growing so tall and "leggy." She really has been eating swell and looks very healthy. Nothing wrong with Lanie Marts' appetite either -- she could eat all day long if I allowed her to.

I am so eager to get information from you. I know you will probably be unable to tell me where you are, but whatever meager information you can write, will be better than none. I would love to hear about your trip across, what you did to keep busy, your reactions, as well as the others.

I have no idea what goes on on such a trip.-- how long the boat, how many men, etc -- but I suppose you can't go into detail as to that. We are all wondering if Ben could have been in your convoy, or even possibly on the same boat. In all probability--even if he were --you wouldn't have been able to see each other.

I hope your mail isn't censored to strictly as there is so much I would like to know--not especially of military nature--but of course everything you do not is probably of military secrecy. I know you can write well enough to generalize if it is at all possible for you to give any details at all.

Honey, you don't know how I think of you and pray for your safe and speedy return.

All my love sweetheart--forever & ever.



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