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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
January 5
Wednesday nite

My darling!

I'm so excited and relieved! I received your cable this afternoon at about 3 P.M. It broke the strain and tension. I've been terribly worried since I heard about the destroyer being sunk off the East Coast. I was fearful that there may be some action going on near your location. It occurred on Dec 24 -- about the same time that you probably left.

I'm a bit puzzled over the wording of the cable. I had expected you to say that you arrived at your destination, since you didn't I gather that this was against military orders -- or that you sent the cable while en route, which I didn't think was permissible. I suppose every message and letter that I get from you will be vague in places and I'll be wondering about things as long as you are away. How I wish I were all over and you were home close to me. If wishes could make it so, I suppose this war would have been over before it even began.

I called the family in Cincy to tell them I heard from you, and Irv said that Ginny had also received a cable from Ben. So now, more than ever, we are drawing conclusions that you were both in the same convoy. I hope, for your sake that you both have met and can keep in contact with each other. It would be wonderful. Red Elsy and Dave? Grech's wife also received cables.

I have gone back to this stationery for a reason. I stopped at the postoffice today to find out particulars about sending you mail. They advised me that the quickest method was air mail & that cost 6 cents for 1/2 oz. Since I usually write several pages and the other stationery is so leavy, it would easily run over an ounce. Not that I care about the few cents, but I might as well do it in the best manner, for it looks as if I'll be writing to you at least once a day for a little (?) while. I was also told to use v. mail stationery which is a very thin sheet (not regular v. mail) and is light in weight. I'll buy some tomorrow.

I paid a few bills today -- walked downtown in a pouring rain. Minnie Riser stayed with the kids while they were napping, since I wanted to get to the bank before 2 o'clock. I'm still having the book balanced. All the checks hadn't come in yet. I made a list of all the bonds & I'll send you a financial statement 'doc -- as soon as I get it all fixed up. We'll have a mere $100 or so left in the checking acct. I am starting of my acct. with $690. -- which Paul Fairly had started 2 months ago -- so I have 3 months checks deposited. By the way, I wrote away about the bonds which I've never received. I think it should be investigated -- after all, it's over a year now.

Our phone bill was $10.91 which only included your 3 calls from Fort Dix & not those from P.OE. Gas--17.00, electric 7.21 -- do you think I'll manage on a measly $230 ? I think I will get along after things are settled & all the Insurance Policies are paid.

I gave the kids their bath and then decided to take mine too, while I was at it. We had such fun. Judy and Elaine both washed my back, legs, ect -- just as they used to do to you. Judy rubbed my back hard and said "oh Gee, Daddy would love this." I'll bet you would too. Actually everything we do -- they always think if daddy. I do every moment of the day, but usually keep the thoughts to myself. When we have something good to eat -- Judy always says "daddy would love this" -- when we are having fun playing -- Judy says "daddy would like to do this" etc. When Lanie sees a picture of a soldier -- in a magazine she says "that looks like daddy."

Mrs. Shaw was over this evening. She's still going strong. She stops over quite often to do her bit of "cheering up." The old devil -- asked me how liked sleeping alone -- I told her I didn't and I do mean it. The nights are long and lonely and empty.

Well sweets, I can't think of any more small talk so here's 'good luck to you --keep safe darling and well-- your little family is awaiting your homecoming to give you all their love.



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