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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Jan 4, 1944
Tuesday nite

Hi sweetie pie --

Since this is the second letter I'm writing today and since this day has been most unexciting I'm afraid I haven't much to tell you.

Judy and Lanie were in most of the day since it was damp and slushy outside. I am so pleased that they are learning to play so well together. Judy reads stories to Lanie, plays games with her and they sing songs and dance together -- they are so darling.

Today was a falling day for Lanie -- rather upsetting, but fortunately no casualties. She fell off her bicycle, stuck the point of a letter opener in her chin -- which merely broke the skin a trifle, and bumped her head. At bedtime she was jumping and giggling --none the worse for it all.

Katie Mahoney came over for a short visit & the kids both performed for her. Its amazing how affectionate Judy has become with everyone. She was hugging and kissing Katie and hanging all over her. She never was like that. She now insists upon holding my hand whenever we go upstairs & never finishes kissing me goodnite. I've tried to make a special effort to give her all the loving and kissing I can. Do you suppose its because of a feeling of insecurity or only because of your absence? On the whole, she seems quite happy and carefree -- not at all moody and easily upset -- as she was for a while.

Today she wanted to know why we couldn't phone you and if there weren't telephones overseas.

Lanie still carries your picture around her neck and gazes upon it fondly about every 5 minutes saying "ah, my daddy." as if you were the most beautiful daddy in the world. Which I suppose you are, to us.

Everyone that I've spoken to with someone overseas (& I've spoken to so many) say that air mail arrives at its destination much faster than v. mail, and its so much more satisfactory -- so I think I'll continue sending both.

Lanie is developing the cutest sense of humor. Tonight she was singing "Lay that pistol down" and she would substitute the word "mother" for "mama" & then laugh heartily saying "not mother, mama." Whenever she does something funny -- she laughs so hard until she gets the hiccoughs. She's such a vital and animated little thing.

By the way, her wart dropped off & she really misses it -- she continually asks "where's Lanie's wart, mother?"

Our gas bill came today -- and what a bill! $16.40 for the 17 day period. Of course the house was very cold and damp & we had severe weather & I think that while the furnace was out of order, cause the bill to be increased too. Shadrack was hear again today, & altho the furnace is heating O.K. --he messed around --said we need a new belt for the fan & new filters which he is ordering. I'll say goodnite now dearest

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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