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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Jan 3, 1944
Monday nite

Hello sweets --
Golly, it's got me again. I just heard on the radio that a U.S. boat was sunk off the coast of Sandy Hawk New Jersey -- caused by an explosion. It happened on Christmas Eve -- and that certainly was mighty close to the time and place of your departure -- as far as I can figure out. I suppose I'll get panicky at every incident from now on -- especially anything that might be close enough to involve you. I'll have a good case of "war nerves" if this keeps up.

Today was a nasty, slushy sloppy day. The rain drizzled on the dirty melting snow -- and what a mess! Your three girls didn't venture outside. Elaine has a runny nose so I wouldn't take any chances. Judy has been so sweet and adorable -- especially with Lanie. I don't know whether my lectures to her have done the trick, or whether she has just come thru a stage again. They played together in the house the entire day and were so cute. This evening they were in a gay and rolicking mood. Running from one room to the other giggling and squeaking and having such a good time. They did become a bit boisterous -- throwing pillows, etc -- but I just decided to allow them to rid themselves of their excess energy -- since they were cooped up the entire day.

Minnie and Marian stop in each day and have been doing my shopping for me when I can't get out. It really is very nice.

I've been trying to get our back balance straightened out -- and what a mess!

Quite a few of the checks you had written in Sept and Oct. were never recorded by you and according to the bank we have a mere $456.96 left from a balance of $2000 plus! I know you bought bonds -- do you remember exactly for how much? The check was for 1014.24. I haven't had a chance to get to the safe deposit box yet. That means that we spend over $1200 in the 2 months we were together. That still is only up to Dec 10 and doesn't include the insurance checks, which is another 200. +. I will get things all straightened out and let you know how things stand. We certainly don't have much cash on hand. I told the Bank to make a separate book of the alternative check -- so I can draw on that & see if I can stay within those limits.

Elaine has been trying to say so many things and express herself -- it is really funny. At times she gets so excited -- she can't think of the words fast enough and stops and says " uh -- uh -- uh -- what should I say mother"? Often when she is "reading" a story & can't recall the exact words -- she also says "what should I say."

Received a letter from Mrs. Belline today who wishes you lots of luck. She & her new baby & the little boy all developed the flu two days after her return from the hospital.

Our electric bill was $7.21 --for just 3 weeks. I think it was partly because of the blower on the furnace that went constantly. I hope this doesn't continue. I received a letter from the Perfection Stove Co. saying they had not service many for 2 years & I should get in touch with the Co. from where we purchased the furnace. I think they are out of business. The furnace seems to be operating O.K now -- except the blower makes a great deal of noise. However, if the electric bills continue at that rate -- I'll have to do something about it. That is just about what they were with you at home and we certainly don't use nearly as much light. Altho I do stay up until 12 o'clock each nite. I am wondering what my gas bill will be like.

Katie Mahoney called me tonite to say that she had received word that her boy friend has been missing in action since Nov 26 -- he was in the N. African theatre. There were several local boys missing from that same area and same time. Poor kid, I tried to console her- but what can one say or do at such times. These are such trying and anxious and heartbreaking times for so many innocent persons. Oh God, how I wish it were all over and you were home safe in my arms.

Judy and I played a game of 'opposite" today. Since I found in her quiz yesterday that she did not understand the term I that I would teach her. After a few moments she had caught on beautifully and when I would ask the opposite of any number of words she would think a bit and then supply the answer -- for example --

hot -- cold
loud -- quite
hard -- soft
young -- old
bad --good

She loves the "question games" -- so we play them very often.

Judy is now going thru a secretive, whispering and surprise --stage. She "writes letters" and doesn't allow me to see them because she wants to surprise me. All day long she rushes up to me to "whisper" just ordinary conversation. But she doesn't want Elaine to hear it. So tonight Elaine was whispering sweet nothings into my ear too -- and I do mean nothings!

Today Judy started on a superlative --she says "Golly Moses!" for everything that requires emphasis. I don't know where she picks it all up!

See where theres an epidemic of scarlet fever among the ari cadets at U C. -- 17 cases. UC. has closed classes because of it.

I think I'll read the paper now and listen "Information Please." Do you use your radio -- and do you hear any programs from U.S. It doesn't seem possible that you are so far away.

Its not much fun writing letters and receiving no answers -- I do hope I hear something by the end of this week. That will be 2 weeks since you've gone.

They tell me that the boys that leave from the West Coast to the Pacific theatre -- take about 6 weeks en route -- I don't know what I'll do if I don't hear for that length of time!

Do you want Julius Grad's address.

Good night & all my love sweets.



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