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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Jan 2, 1944
Sunday nite
10 p.m.

Dearest sweets--

Sunday again -- no matter what happens, time goes by and the weeks roll around. I hope not many more weeks go by before I hear from you. It's one week since I've had a letter from you and how I miss them.

Eleanor Rooks and Buckie were over today. We spent a few hours with small talk and gossip. She said that she heard that Byers is again making an attempt to enlist -- since the 5 yrs will be up in March after his operation. I think it's a lot of propaganda on his part. Krankie Harper's husband Jimmy Harper is in India and he's been sending her some beautiful jewelry.

This afternoon I took Judy over to see Lassie Come Home -- again. I had intended allowing Judy to go in to meet the "girls", who had left before Judy awakened from her nap -- but after we arrived at the Rand -- there was a huge crowd waiting to get in & I had Elaine with me too -- so that by the time we waited until the show was over, the other kids came out and I had to stay with Judy and take Lanie in too. They both enjoyed it as much this time as they did the first time. Elaine was a but restless toward the end -- but didn't raise any fuss. Judy went thru all the emotional stress and strain again. It really is a beautiful picture. I read somewhere where the Scotland scenes were taken in California and in Washington.

I listened to One Man's family tonight with it's mixture of good philosophy and propaganda about loose talk during these critical times. Its still one of my favorite programs.

Irv and Rosalyn called this afternoon to find out if I had heard anything from you yet. The last letter Ginny had from Ben was Dec 20. It would be wonderful if you ran across him.

Judy and Lanie have become so very affectionate with me. It seems that they must have an outlet for those emotions too. Judy is constantly coming up to me and throwing her arms around me, kissing me and saying "my sweetheart, I live you." Elaine won't allow me out of her sight and cries -- "I want to see you mother" ever so often. Poor kids, I suppose they have a feeling of insecurity and need reassurance. I try to give them all I have.

Today I asked Judy some of the questions from Parents magazine for children in the 5-6 year age group. She did remarkably well. I'll enclose a few so that you can see which ones she missed. She didn't understand the meaning of "opposites" so didn't get those questions. I was greatly amused at her answer to # 10 -- Will water put out fire? She answered "yes" -- to which I was curious as to whether she really knew or was guessing -- since I didn't believe she had ever seen a fire put out --so I asked her how she knew. She said "remember that time in Mississippi when we made a fire in the woods and daddy put it out when he made "wee wee" on the fire. I was hilarious and surprised too, that she should remember the incident -- must have been quite impressive. Hope she doesn't bring up such incidents when she gets to school.

Hy gave me the Rotary bulleting to enclose.

Oh me, honey -- I go along for a few hours keeping my thoughts in the background, and then suddenly they all surge up inside me and almost smother me.

I love you darling.



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