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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Jan 1, 1944
New Year's Day
___ ____ ___
9 p.m.

My sweets --

Wherever you are honey, my thoughts are with you -- always. Today was a day of memories and dreams and hopes. Probably because of it being New Years Day -- it seems that every song on the radio had some appropriate significance for me. It made my thoughts turn back about 15 years during one of those periods in our courtship when we were not on speaking terms -- for some silly reason -- and you wrote me a letter from Soph's house telling me about all the love songs on the radio, the homey atmosphere with the children around -- etc. I suppose all songs are written for some sentimental reason, but being in that particular mood -- each song on the radio today reminded me of you.

One was, ''Show Show baby, daddy's off to the seven seas" -- next "hello sweetheart hello--the words were right out of my heart -- "when the world is free again, you'll be here with me again, till then you're in all my dreams, you are part of all my schemes, Hello, sweetheart hello." Another was -- "don't get around much anymore -- and still another " I had the craziest dream last night."

Perhaps I was song conscious, or "you" conscious, but every time a new tune came on-- it was for you and me. Ordinarily I pay little attention to the words of popular melodies, but I had the radio going quite a bit today-- while I was at work in the kitchen and each song hit home. I suppose that's what they are written for in the first place. Gosh, absence makes one sentimental or do we merely realize it so much more during such times? (time out while I talk to Minnie Risor and Marion, who just walked in)

That Minnie, can talk your arm off, but she means well.

This afternoon Shirly, Beverlee, Judy, Elaine, Minnie Risor and myself went for a walk (if you can call it that) I pulled the kids (two at a time) on the sled. The snow is still on the ground and the kids still enjoying it.

Maryellen Martindell came over this a.m. and the kids went upstairs and had all their toys off the self and took all their new toys up to play with them. But what do you think they ended up playing with --the peg set! Judy is now learning to make remarkable things on the peg table. She can really make pictures of almost any object--real or imaginative and now prints letters and words out of pegs. Of course Lanie enjoys it just as much in her own sort of way -- usually pulling apart what Judy has so carefully constructed. Lanie was in a hellish mood this afternoon, due to the fact that Judy heard Minnie Riser talking to me downstairs and decided not to take her nap, so she yells down to me "can I get up" -- so of course Elaine awakened and raring to go. She only slept for 10 minutes. Well, she wanted everything in her little way.

She took apart that little piano book that Judy has had for 3 years, took the key out of the singing teddy bear (which I finally fixed) and tore something else apart. Is she an imp! But a cute one..

Tomorrow will be another long Sunday -- unless I decide to clean the house and wash clothes or something. Unless I keep busy every moment-- which I have little difficulty in doing -- I find myself thinking and dreaming and that's bad these days.

I know I shouldn't expect to hear from you for at least two weeks and maybe even longer, but I go to the mailbox 50 times a day -- just hoping.

I cut out a small shapshot of you and placed in that heart-shaped locked that you gave us and Elaine now wears it constantly -- night and day, and to everyone that comes along she says excitedly -- "want to see daddy's picture?" and she opens the locket and displays your face with your hat cocked over your shiney eye.

Judy plays with the fantastic ideas of daddy talking on the radio and becoming alive and walking out of the radio-- and her dreams coming real -- etc. Would that such wishful thinking could become more realistic.

I saw your friend Dr. Glenn today -- who complained about how busy he is -- and sends you his best regards -- the so & so.

Night sweetie-- never a day goes by that I don't hope and pray and wish a thousand times that you come home safely and soon. Perhaps I shouldn't write of my sentiments -- but if not to you -- to whom?

I love you so much, Ros


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