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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II

Jan 14, 1944

Friday nite

Hello my sweets:

I keep wondering all day and night long-where you are by now and what you are doing-and hoping that you are well and free from danger.

Still no more mail. I suppose it will come in batches-all at one time-and then a period when nothing will arrive. Will I ever adjust to this waiting and hoping and fearful thinking?

Edith is still here and as usual in her jubilant, giggling, hysterical mood-especially with the kids. They have given her enough loving to last her for months. Even Elaine, who usually gives no one a tumble except Momie-has finally broken loose and climbs all over Edith, loving and kissing her. Edith says she is profiteering from the war-and calls Judy a "war casualty because of her transfer of affection." It is amazing to see how lovey dovey she is now.

Hy is going to New York again. There are six of the managers going. Jack Hornstein and Phil are also going. I imagine they will have one swell time.

I had the pictures made of Judy and Elaine today, and if theirs are as good as the samples he has on display, I'll be well pleased. It never fails-I had hoped they would take a nice long nap before going to the photographer-and I put them to bed when just a bit later someone came and rang the doorbell (fire alarm) and awakened them both. They were sort of dopey looking all afternoon. But Elaine was full of pep and gong strong at 9 o'clock.

Honey, I do hope you are able to decipher my letters-I seem to be getting worse and worse in my penmanship. I think its partly because I am usually so very tired when I finally do sit down to write-that I will scribble away as fast as I can. I should have a typewriter.

Many times during the day Elaine goes to the phone and pretends she is calling Daddy. She says "hullo daddy, how are you - fine? (I always say, I hope) and she carries on quite an imaginary conversation. Judy talks to you through the improvised songs she sings all day long. I wish you could hear how she makes rhymes about you and puts them to music-it would be cute-if it weren't so pathetic.

Each time she hears the war news-she gets all excited thinking her daddy is coming home. If it were only true.

When I made some chopped liver today, I thought of you, when I made some cranberry relish, I thought of you, in fact I believe not one moment goes by that I don't think of you.

I am so sleepy right now, I can't think-so I'm going to stop writing and take my bath and go to bed. I'll write more tomorrow. I'm hoping the week doesn't go by without more mail from you. Perhaps I should be satisfied with 12 letters at one time-but I want a letter from terra firma.

If you want anything-please send me a request for it dearest.

I love you. I adore you.

XXXX Lanie


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