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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
Thursday nite
January 13, 1943

Hello my dearest:

Marian, Hy, and Edith are witting in the dining room playing Gin rummy and Kibitzing. Marian had been at Mother's club--so Hy came over and he and Edie played cards while I ironed clothes. As usual Hy was wise cracking--on the usual subject, sex, and all of its accompaniments. I allowed him to read the stories that you had written from the boat and he enjoyed them with his ear to ear smile and all over belly laugh. He especially liked the one about Elsie and the ?? and Ferdinand the Bull.

Edith brought up a lot of her junk from childhood days--ole dolls, beads, etc -- and the kids have had a wonderful day with everything strewn all over the place.

Judy has been simply smothering Edith with affection--she hangs on her all day long--hugging & kissing her. Poor kid is starved for affection--I guess my love making isn't enough for her.

Pat Shrock had me written up in his column again. I'll send you the clipping. Dear Old Pat--

I stayed up last night reading your 12 letters again & then wrote to you. I had no ?? of the time, and was I amazed when I went upstairs & looked at the clock--to find it was 2 a.m. Then I didn't fall asleep until about 3. These sleepless nights are getting me down.

Now I am really beginning to worry. With all the threatening as well as actual hostilities taking place, I am in a constant state of worry and tension. Each time I hear of a battle going on I picture you in its midst. Will I every overcome this perpetual feeling of impending disaster -- I wonder?

Of course I have as yet had not mail from you since you've landed -- all I've had was written on the boat --so I think of all the possibilities that might occur since you've landed. Ah me, where is my courage -- and what's all this talk about keeping your chin up. I'm doing good if I can keep my head up.

Since Edith has been here -- we've been speaking of you almost incessantly. Even when our conversation doesn't originally start with you -- everything we say -- reminds us of Walter. In fact, we actually became hysterical with laughter at one time after you name had come up about umteen times.

I'm enclosing -- (no I'm not enclosing) Chip's letter -- since I understand he mailed one directly to you -- as did Soph -- whose letter came today. She's old faithful about her letters.

Did I tell you that I sent Irv a check for $50 to cover expenses for the trip back home and he absolutely refused it and said he would not case it. I 'spose he feels he did his patriotic duty and he is doing well in his business.

Received some snaps today of the kids which I'm sending to you -- they aren't too good-- but not too bad.

There have been repercussions all over town about your friend Richards, the preacher -- since he made such a hullaballoo the other nite at a meeting about a song that the children sing in school. He claimed that the words in it about "giving a toast" might inspire and condone drinking in youngsters. Everyone is down on him, and I understand there are many things that he does in his own life that are unbecoming to a man of his profession. You know how people in this town can drag down an individual if they are so inclined.

Tomorrow I am having some photographs made of the kids--by the new photographer in town. He has done some excellent work, and I thought it would be nice to have a picture made for Judy's birthday. I am going to send you one -- and hope that it won't be too difficult for you to carry it with you. If it is, you'll have to send it home again. But it would be nice for you to have a good picture of them. The photographer tried to enviegle me into having my picture made -- but I'm not particularly in the mood now, and I know you can't carry any excess baggage with you --- and you are the only one who might want a picture of me.

Well sugar, its 12 o'clock & I haven't read the paper for 2 days --back to my old habits again. Edith's visit has put me behind in my daily duties. They still must be done.

All my love sweetheart -- take care. Ros


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