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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II
January 12


I'm so happy! (for the moment) I found 12 v. mail letters from you in the mailbox this morning. It was wonderful to hear from you after more than 3 weeks -- and feel close to you again. It does make one feel so much closer when reading letters. Your letters were so marvelous and I was so glad you could go into a little detail about your trip. It must have been a unique experience. I cried over some of your memories-- you expressed so well our brief 18 years together --and I laughed aloud at some of those stories from your boat trip. Elaine came up and asked me "what are you laughing about" & when I told her you had written a story, she laughed too.

I was so excited and nervous I couldn't read the letters fast enough & the kids kept interrupting me so I am going to read them all over again now that they are taking their naps.

I'm so excited the letters in the alphabet seem turned around -- I feel as drunk as Blanche, Alan and Nancy were -- remember when they got all mixed up and said everything backwards?

Edie is coming up this afternoon with Hy -- so I must get busy -- will write more tonite. Just wanted to let you know that I received your letters.

I love you.



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