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Letters from Roslyn to Walter Felson sent during World War II

December 30, 1943

Hello Sweets-

Here it is already one month gone - since we last saw each other. I hope it's not too many more months until we can all be reunited. Our coeds are much better and Elaine is practically well again. Received a letter from Soph, who said the tobacco was not accepted by the postoffice - since you must make a written request - plan to do so - also for the cookies I am to send you. Soph also wrote two stories which I know you will enjoy when you read them. Since Soph is so prompt in writing I decided to relay any news from you, to her, and she can incorporate it in the family letters - as I have no typewriter.

Two more days and the new year starts. Let's hope and pray it is a happier one for everyone and that this horrible mess is over during the coming year.

Golly, I wonder how long it will be before I hear from you - it is now only three days since I've had a letter - and it seems ages. Your girls speak about their daddy all during the day - I'm sure they will never forget you. As for me, you know the way my sentiments run. You are constantly in my mind.

With all my love,


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