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Blog 11–20-17
Past Tense Practice Test
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How To Improve Your Spelling
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Blog 11-9-15
Complex Sentence Examples
Advanced Grammar and Writing Course Description 2014
Cover Letter Examples
About Myself Paragraph Editing
Myths and Realities Presentation
Myths and Realities Presentation Handout
Signing up for and using Google Docs
Sending Formal E-mail
Using Blogs
Meeting the Distinct Needs of High School Refugee Students: Best Practices
The Selma Youth Choir 1965
Meeting the Distinct Needs of High School Refugee Students
Using Cell Phones in the ESL Classroom Handout
Captiva Scavenger Hunt
Compound and Complex Sentences Practice Test
Future Tense Practice Test to be going to and more
Future Tense Practice Test Will Only with Answers
Basic Coordinating Conjunctions Exercise
Formal Letter Explanation and Example
Request for Information Letter Writing Assignment
Past Tense Practice
Facebook Friends 2009
In Flanders Fields
Wet Grass Paragraph Verbs Underlined
Practice For Present Tense and Prepositions of Time Test
Daily Schedule Paragraph With Verbs Marked
Preposition Questions With Answers
Oscar Alvarado Punctuation Practice with Corrections
CLAS-E Grammar Practice 2 Completed
CLAS-E Grammar Practice 2
CLAS-E Grammar Practice Completed
Sentence Combining Practice Completed
Sentence Combining Practice 2 Completed
Holiday Paragraph Checklist
Sentences Fragments and Run Ons
What is a Sentence?
Cap and End Punctuation Worksheet
Punctuation Lesson Whale
Sentence Types Corrected
Exercise 5 Error Analysis of Sentences
End Punctuation: Information Sheet
Sentence Type Examples
Future Tense Practice Will and All Completed
Will or Won't Predictions
Practice 8: Will Probably
Unit 22: Practice Will for Future
Future Tense "Paragraph 15 Paragraph Underlined and Completed
Future Tense "To Be Going to" and Present Continuous
I'm going to future Exercise 3, p. 233
I'm Going to, Unit 21, p. 43 Homework
TABE CLAS-E Grammar Practice
Example of a Formal Note
Example of a Note to a Friend
Present Continuous Example: In the Park
Transition Words Example: Alissa's Paragraph
Simple Present Tense Verbs: Circle the correct answer
Identifying Present Tense Verbs
Examples of Transitions to Show Time
Paragraph about Ms. Taylor's Schedule
Transitions to Show Time
Essay & Research Course Description
Aloha State Outline: Completed
Aloha State Outline
KWL Chart
Garden Flowers: Fill in the Blank Answers
Garden Flowers: Definitions Answers
Garden Flowers: Fill in the Blank
Garden Flowers: Definitions
Order in the Court: True and False Answers
Order in the Court: Definitions Answers
Order in the Court: True and False
Order in the Court: Definitions
Busy Little Carpenters: Completed Crossword Puzzle
Busy Little Carpenters: Crossword Puzzle
The Eruption of Mount Saint Helens: Definitions
The Eruption of Mount Saint Helens: Vocabulary
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Idioms
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Practicing Idioms
Famous Rivers: Crossword Puzzle
Famous Rivers: Crossword Puzzle Answers
Famous Rivers: Crossword Puzzle Clues
Famous Rivers: Crossword Puzzle Words
Traditional Oriental Theater: Definitions
Traditional Oriental Theater: True and False
The Romantic Center: Crossword Puzzle
The Romantic Center: Crossword Puzzle Completed
The Romantic Center: Crossword Puzzle Words
A Guided Tour: Definitions and Parts of Speech
A Guided Tour: PowerPoint Presentation
Planning to Plant: True & False and Definitions
Persuasive Essays: Information
Persuasive Essay Topics
Castles In The Air Power Point
Lincoln Timeline
Lincoln Timeline Completed
Study Guide for Reading Test 2: Quarter 3
Study Guide for Reading Test 2
Life of a President: Sequencing & Definitions
Castles In The Air: Definitions
Small But Mighty: True and False & Matching
Essay Grading Rubric
The World of Folklore: Reading Details
A Good Experience: True & False and Matching
Going to College is a Good Idea (Example with Intro & Body)
Going to College is a Good Idea (Example with Intro,Body & Conclusion)
Study Guide for Reading Test 1
Let It Fly: Vocabulary Matching
Study Guide for Resting Test 1 Quarter 4
Blacksmith of the Gods: Sequencing and Matching
Advanced Grammar & Writing Course Description (with mistakes)
Job Interview Questions
Sentence Combining Practice
Future Tense Practice Test
Future Tense Chart
Practice Test on Present Tense Verbs
EOC Job Duties Interviews
Lawrence Osswald Job Paragraph
Practice Grammar Test (To Be and Capitalization & Punctuation)
Paragraph Grading Rubric
Possession Exercise
I Would Like To Vs. I Hope That
Ms. Taylor's Cluster
Advanced Grammar & Writing Course Description
Advanced Computer Literacy Course Description
Computer Self Evaluation
Chapter 7 Party Text
Chapter 6 - Money - ContentPage
Chapter 6 - Money - Spelling Words
Chapter 6 - Money - Text
Ready for Christmas
Dorothy and Don's Trip to England
Dorothy and Don's Trip to England
New House
Audrey and Anna's Graduation
Change trial
ESL Links

Attach A File to E-Mail
Oil as a Natural Resource
Volunteer Vacations
Volunteer Adoption (Audio)
A New Way to Go (Audio)
Segway Video
Save A Document
A Healthy Diet for Everyone
EOC Student Stories
Marie Curie (Audio)
My Country Sudan by Achai KuolArop
My Country Iraq by Roshy Khalaf
My Country Sudan by Koloos Kori
My Country Sudan by Wol Majok
My Country Pakistan by Tayyeba Jaffri
My Country Puerto Rico by Juanito Rosado
My Country Somalia by Sahro Abdalla
My Country Cuba by Janerky De La Pena
My Country Sudan by Abdellatef Ismail
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