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A cool picture of yours truly
Name Level of moleness special skill
Devin Extremely high level of moleage Good at singing in the shower
Meyer Very high level of moleage Chatting before tending to his responsibilities
Justin Very high level of moleage Disregaurds personal saftey
Liam Formerly very high, presently quite low destroying things
Baby Jones Otherworldly levels Being Baby jones

About me!
I am a freshman at UB, currently enrolled in cse 111. I am a very creative person with a love for all things electronic.
I am considering pursuing a major in computer science, this class has only strengthened this consideration.
I have found coding to be quite rewarding and enjoyable. My time at UB has been amazing so far!
My classes are interesting and I find myself excited to go to them in the morning. Computer science is honestly one of my favorite classes.
The fact that I have the opportunity to make my own website is mindblowing!