Dejan Stojkovic

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                                                              Department of Physics
                                                                  SUNY at Buffalo

  239 Fronczak Hall

  Buffalo, NY 14260-1500, US

e-mail:      Phone: (716) 645-5014       Fax: (716) 645-2507

2017 - present            Professor     
SUNY at Buffalo
2012 - 2017               Associate Professor     
SUNY at Buffalo
2007 - 2012                Assistant Professor     
SUNY at Buffalo
2005 - 2007               Visiting Assistant Professor
                                        Case Western Reserve University
2003 - 2005               MCTP Postdoctoral Fellow  
 University of Michigan
2001 - 2003               Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow
 University of Alberta
2001    Ph.D.                  Case Western Reserve University

   In March 2012, I was awarded with "Marko Jaric" award, which is known as the "Serbian Nobel Prize in physics"

  Fund "Marko Jaric"     Announcement AM     Announcement SEENET     Previous Recipients


Associate Editor:  ISTPress Transactions of Applied Mathematics

Editorial Board Memebr:  Astronomy Magazine

Research interests:

  • Cosmology                                         
  • General Relativity                
  • Particle Physics                       
  • Field Theory                           
  • Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology              
  • Gravitational Waves               

   My research is funded by NSF




Black Max II:  A very comprehensive black-hole event generator

- simulates black hole production in proton-proton, proton-antiproton and electron-positron collisions

- contains all of the black hole gray-body factors known todate

- includes black hole rotation, recoil, split branes and brane tension

- it has been interfaced, via the Les Houches accord, to CERN's Monte Carlo programs Herwig and Pythia



General Relativity Phy 555


Press about my research:   


   Science News

   Physics World



  Physics World        

  MIT Technology Review         

  USA Today                                      

  Huffington Post       


  Daily Mail UK       

  News Center

  Chronicle of Higher Education



Articles by American Institute of Physics

Physics News Update # 764 

Physical Review FOCUS  16

Physical Review FOCUS 27

"APS members in media" quote


"Human power of abstract logic thinking, though it seems boundless,
appears hardly capable of competing with the building power of Nature.

On the other hand, acquiring consciousness at the level of human intellect,
Nature meets itself. Is that a closure of some circle that we are still
not able to comprehend?"

B. Lalovic 
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