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Papers on Methodological and Foundational Issues 

For any papers here that are not available for download, please ask me for a copy at If any of the papers that are listed as being available for download fail to do so, please let me know.

Dryer, Matthew S. 2009. Problems testing typological correlations with the online WALS. Linguistic Typology 13: 121 - 135.

Dryer, Matthew S. 2007. Review of Frederick J. Newmeyer, Possible and probable languages: a generative perspective on linguistic typology. Journal of Linguistics 43: 244-252. DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 2006. Descriptive theories, explanatory theories, and basic linguistic theory. In Catching Language: Issues in Grammar Writing, edited by Felix Ameka, Alan Dench, and Nicholas Evans, pp. 207-234. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. DOWNLOAD [This is not the final draft of this paper.]

Dryer, Matthew S. 2006. Functionalism and the Theory - Metalanguage Confusion. In Phonology, Morphology, and the Empirical Imperative: Papers in Honour of Bruce Derwing, edited by Grace Wiebe, Gary Libben, Tom Priestly, Ron Smyth, and Sam Wang, pp. 27-59. Taipei: The Crane Publishing Company. DOWNLOAD: 70K

Dryer, Matthew S. 2003. "Significant and non-significant implicational universals". Linguistic Typology 7: 108-128. DOWNLOAD [This is not the final draft of this paper.]

Dryer, Matthew S. 2000. Counting genera vs. counting languages: A reply to Maslova. Linguistic Typology 4: 334 - 350. DOWNLOAD [This is not the final draft of this paper.]

Dryer, Matthew S. 1998 "Why Statistical Universals are Better Than Absolute Universals" Chicago Linguistic Society 33: The Panels, pp. 123-145. DOWNLOAD: 181K [The version downloadable here is different in pagination and possibly other minor details from the published version]

Dryer, Matthew S. 1995 "Frequency and Pragmatically Unmarked Word Order". In Word Order in Discourse, edited by Mickey Noonan and Pamela Downing, pp. 105-135. John Benjamins.DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 1989 "Discourse-Governed Word Order and Word Order Typology". Belgian Journal of Linguistics 4: 69-90.DOWNLOAD

Dryer, Matthew S. 1989 "Large Linguistic Areas and Language Sampling". Studies in Language 13: 257-292.DOWNLOAD

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