Matthew S. Dryer: A Selection of Dissertations Supervised 

Sidney Facundes (2000): The Language of the Apurinã People of Brazil (Maipure/Arawak). DOWNLOAD

Eve Ng (2002): Demonstrative words in the Algonquian Language Passamaquoddy: A Descriptive and Grammaticalization Analysis. DOWNLOAD

Yumi Yamasaki (2005): Constituent Ordering in Spoken Japanese. DOWNLOAD

Kazuhiro Kawachi (2007): A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo), a Cushitic Language of Ethiopia. DOWNLOAD

Scott Paauw (2009): The Malay Contact Varieties of Eastern Indonesia: a Typological Comparison. DOWNLOAD

Rodrigo Romero-Méndez (2009): A Reference Grammar of Ayutla Mixe (Tukjo'm Ayuujk). DOWNLOAD

Robert Fried (2010): A Grammar of Bao'an Tu, a Mongolic Language of Northwest China. DOWNLOAD

Matthew Beach (2011): Studies in Inuktitut Grammar. DOWNLOAD

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