Introduction to Geriatrics--Day 4 Outline

Daemen College Physician Assistant Course--June 25, 1997

Robert S. Stall, M.D., Daemen College Adjunct Professor

8:00 am Review of Week 3/Photo Gallery V/LTC Quiz (from Day 1)/Reading Review

8:10 am Lecture/Discussion--Demographics of Aging/Normal Aging

8:30 am Lecture/Discussion--Urinary Incontinence ("DIAPPERS")/Prostate Disease

9:00 am Lecture/Discussion--Osteoporosis/Osteoarthritis/Parkinson's Disease/Visual Impairment/Falls

9:30 am Lecture/Discussion--Nutrition ("DETERMINE")/Preventive Strategies

10:00 am Lecture/Discussion--Constipation/Pressure Sores/Autoimmune Disorders/DVT /Pain Control/Palliative Care/Advance Directives

10:30 am Video--"TriAD"

11:00 amLecture/Discussion--Delirium & Dementia/Psychiatric Disorders

11:30 am Lecture/Discussion--Team Approach, Continuum of Care & Career Opportunities

Final Exam: Wednesday, June 25

100 Questions (Multiple choice, True/False). May contain any material covered in class (including videos & photo galleries), reading assignments and handouts.