Communicating With the Elderly
**Workshop Session**

Robert S. Stall, MD, Medical Director, Kresge Residence
October 4, 1996

Presented at the Hospice Clinical Education Day
Healing Words:  Communicating with the Seriously Ill or Dying Patient

I.	Medical Factors That Affect Communication
	A.	Sensory impairment
	B.	Medical illnesses
	C.	Medications

II.	Social Factors That Affect Communication
	A.	Ageism
	B.	Family and friends
	C.	Caregiver/patient perspective mismatch
III.	Communicating Advance Directives
	A.	Health care proxy
	B.	DNR ("Do not resuscitate")
	C.	Artificial nutrition & hydration
	D.	Levels of capacity
	E.	Broaching the topic

IV.	Communication Strategies
	A.	Know your patient
	B.	Time and patience
	C.	Open-ended questions
	D.	Atypical questions
	E.	Touch & manner
	F.	Humor & music
	G.	Shots in the dark

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Robert S. Stall, M.D.