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Dr. Stall and My Grandma Goldie Stall

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[with my Grandma Elsie (1906 - 1983), Grandma Goldie (1909-1999), Grandpa Julius (1910-2000) & Grandpa Al (1900 - 1988)]

Assessment Tools

Cognitive Ability | Driving | Functional Ability | Hearing | Home Safety | Mood | Neurologic Function | Nutritional Status | Overall Health
Pain | Palliative/Hospice Care | Psychosis | Quality of Life | Urinary Function

Cognitive Ability
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Updated Clinical Dementia Rating Scale
NINCDS/ADRDA Criteria for Alzheimer's Disease
Dr. Reisberg's Alzheimer's Assessment Tools:
Updated Alzheimer's Course Graph
Updated Functional Assessment Staging Tool (FAST)
Global Deterioration Scale (side 1) (GDS side 1) | Global Deterioration Scale (side 2) (GDS side 2)
From Geriatric Resources, Inc:
Brief Cognitive Rating Scale (BCRS)
Global Deterioration Scale (GDS)
Functional Assessment Staging Tool (FAST)
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AAA Aggressive Driving Quiz
AAA Drivers 55 Plus: Self-Rating Form
AAA Drowsy Driving Quiz
AARP Driver Safety Program
Brochures from the NHTSA
Physician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers
Functional Ability
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Barthel Index
Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) Scale | What Is a GAF Score?
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (Lawton IADL)
Karnofsky Performance Scale (commonly used for assessing terminally ill patients)
Karnofsky Performance Status (original scale defined by Karnofsky in 1949)
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Hearing Handicap Inventory
Home Safety
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Home Safety Checklist (courtesy of the National Safety Council)
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Geriatric Depression Scale (Brink/Yesavage ) | Short Form
Geriatric Depression Scale (other languages)
Neurologic Function
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Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) (to check for Parkinsonian side effects of neuroleptic medications)
NIH Stroke Scale

Parkinson's Disease (from the National Parkinson Foundation web site)
 Stroke Assessment Scales (several from the Washington University School of Medicine)
Nutritional Status
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Nutrition Checklist for Older Adults ("DETERMINE" mnemonic) | Definitions (from the Nutrition Screening Initiative, AAFP/ADA/NCOA)
Overall Health
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Aging Quiz (compiled by Linda M. Woolf, PhD, Webster University, Aging & Human Rights page)
Healthy Habit Test
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Challenges in Pain Management at the End of Life, American Family Physician, 10/1/2001
Pain Assessment (from Partners Against Pain)
Pain Assessment Tools (from City of Hope)
Pain Assessment Tools (from UCLA - for adults and children, multilingual, both visual and analog scales)
Palliative/Hospice Care
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Palliative Care Assessment & Research Tools (from
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Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS)
Pittsburgh Agitation Scale
Quality of Life
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MISSOULA-VITAS QUALITY OF LIFE INDEX (MVQOLI) (by Ira Byock MD) | 25 Question Version | 15 Question Version
Quality of Life Assessment In Medicine (extensive compilation of assessment tools available on the Internet)
Urinary Function
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American Urological Association Prostatism Scale
Urinary Incontinence--Treatable Causes ("DIAPPERS" mnemonic)

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