Katharine T. Donelson
PhD Candidate
Department of Linguistics :: University at Buffalo

Office: 222 Clemens Hall
Address:   609 Baldy Hall, Buffalo NY 14260–1030
Email: donelsonATbuffaloDOTedu
Research & Background

I am a PhD candidate here at the University at Buffalo. My main interests are audience design, mathematical and computational modeling of language, Semantic Typology and field psycholinguistics. I am currently working on my dissertation on cross-linguistic features of audience design in spatial descriptions. My advisers are Juergen Bohnemeyer and Jean-Pierre Koenig.

I also currently have the pleasure of on the Mesospace project on spatial language and cognition in and beyond Mesoamerica. My work with MesoSpace is primarily statistical. We are exploring multiple methods for analyzing data for multiple languages to further explore the Frames of Reference preferences of our speakers. I am passionate about making experimental and statistical tools for exploring linguistic data easily available for field workers.

When I'm not working on linguistics, I volunteer with The Ten Lives Club. They are a rescue organization in Western New York that shelters cats until they can be found a good home. They are the only Western New York shelter that keeps otherwise healthy FIV+ cats. My own cats frequently appear on linguisticats. I also knit and spin. My current textile projects can be found on Ravelry.

Last modified: April 21 2014