1. a.) Explanatory variables provide reasoning behind the story for each "estimated year event occurred," in addition the actual year the event occured took place before my response.
  2. b.) The scatterplot would look like it had less dots
Strikes & Lockouts
Union Membership
  1. a.)I used date as the explanatory variable because date provides the reasoning behind the numbers.
  2. b.) They are trending pretty similarly and it is a negative association.
  3. c.) My second scatterplot shows the union membership percentage according to date.
  4. d.) Negative association.
  1. a.) The bargraph helps compare the per capita personal income with the Governor's salary. It helps interpret state income.
  2. b.) There isn't an associate between the variables in the scatterplot.
Chart description
  1. a.) Personal income seems to be grouped together just like Governor data is grouped up in a certain tier of income.
  2. b.) Maine's governor makes the least amount of money at $70,000, that appears to stand out the most.