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I am currently studying and writing about the Pan American Exposition of 1901 that was held here in Buffalo, New York. I am particularly interested in the production of U.S. hegemony and the promotion of international trade at the Exposition. My primary focus currently is on what kind of business was being transacted at the fair and between what companies and what countries.

The fair represents a pivotal moment in business history and international relations. Every country in North and South America attended. And in October of that year, during the closing month of the fair, the second Pan American Congress was held in Mexico City. These two events were deliberately timed to promote an American agenda of reciprocity between the two continents.

I hope to expand my research into a more extensive analysis of women's roles at the Pan American Exposition, particularly with regard to strategic planning and compromises made by the women's committees in their efforts to develop the Women's Pavilion. I'm also interested in these planning committees' outreach to women in Latin America and the complexities involved in outreach to women from those distant cultures.

The most popular topic when discussing the Exposition, historically speaking, seems to be the Midway. The Midway, now familiar to us as a gaming haven, was then a space reserved more for the exhibition of culture, which in today's political climate would be viewed as highly exploitive. There was an Esquimo Village, The Beautiful Orient, as well as an Indian Congress, and a Filipino Village to name but a few of the exhibits. A discussion on the tenor of the cultural milieu exhibited at the Exposition is, therefore, inevitable.
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