About Me

I am a Software Engineer with passion for Data analytics. I have been working as Graduate Research Asisstant at SUNY-UB, where I am taking care of all the data analytics tasks for research a project in Healthcare domain. I have prior experience of working at early start ups operating on comsumer facing technologies in E-Commerce domain. I have worked as a Software Engineer was responsible for Web and Mobile platform.

Doing challenging things is what I find interesting. I am not afraid to make mistakes! I am passionate about teaching and eager to learn.
I believe in : "Help Others Rise"

You will often find me attending Tech talks, Meet ups and live webinars. This is where I get to meet experienced professionals to discuss latest trends and learn best practices in the industry. I’m truly passionate about Technology, Tech start ups and I am always eager to connect with fellow developers.
Technical SKills
- Operating System:- Windows, Linux, MacOS
- Programming:- Core Java, Python
- Web Technologies:- Ajax, JSON, XML, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
- Data:- Tableau, IBM SPSS, Alteryx
- Frameworks:- Spring, Hibernate, Apache Solr, Android SDK
- Web Services:- REST
- Database:-MySQL
- IDE:- Eclipse, NetBeans
- Version Control:- Git

Contact Details

Dnyanada Arjunwadkar
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(716) 431-9710

Work Ex

Graduate Research Assistant

University at Buffalo School of Management May 2017

1.Researched and architected data analytics tools in Python using Pandas to determine credibility of cardiologists through examining 60,000+ reviews of over 2,000 different doctors.

2.Engineered web crawling scripts with Python and BeautifulSoup to scrape data from more than 2,000 records categorized in 6 attributes to construct comprehensive dataset of cardiologists.

3.Manipulated and analyzed complex data sets using Python for Exploratory Analysis and Hypothesis Testing in order to determine factors that affect reputation of practicing surgeons in Healthcare domain

4.Developed Python script for annotating historical newspaper records to predict influential public figures which removed duplicates from the data set, optimizing processing time of 50,000+ records by over 80%.

Software Engineering Intern

Gofind.ai Aug 2016

1.Translated technical specs and design requirements to develop web front end and Android application using JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, implementing OAuth protocols, RESTful APIs, and Google Analytics.

2.Created data validation system in Java used to train machine learning algorithms, reducing execution time by > 38% while improving efficiency of Image Validation tasks.

3.Designed and implemented data scraping tools with Python, Scrapy and BeautifulSoup to extract information from e-commerce websites in order to construct a data warehouse of 1.4 million unique products.

4.Performed exploratory analysis on content from data warehouse and online survey results using Python to identify target users, ideal price range and popular product categories with 60 - 70% accuracy.

Software Engineering Intern

Keeda Aug 2014

I worked with the rapidly growing Digital Media solution start-up called 'Keeda' in Pune, India. 1. Collaborated with Developers and designers in Agile Scrum work environment
2. Worked with clients to design logos and devised social media marketing strategies to increase online presence
3. Designed and developed SEO enhanced websites using HTML5, JavaScript and web analytical tools
4. Assisted co-founder of 'Keeda' in tasks relevant to UI Design, Online Presence, SEO Techniques and Web Development using HTML,CSS and JavaScript.


State University of New York at Buffalo

MS Computer Science Feb 2017

Univeristy of Pune, India

BS Computer Engineering Jul 2014


  • Java, JDBC, Android Applications
  • Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Beautiful Soup
  • SQL, MySql
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript, jQuery