David M. Mark

Current Research Interests

David Mark's current research interests lie in the broad area of human spatial cognition and language. He is studying these topics using ethnographic methods, human-subjects experiments, and formal models of mathematical structure. Much of work is being conducted in collaboration with Andrew Turk (Murdoch University, Australia), David Stea (Texas State University, San Marcos), and/or Barry Smith (Philosophy, University at Buffalo). Mark is especially interested in cross-cultural and cross-linguistic variations and universals geographic categories. He also has interests in "GIS and Society", in the history of GIS, and in algorithms and data structures in general, quadtrees in particular, and digital elevation models and their uses.

Current Research Grants

Ontology and Cognition


"Collaborative Research: Landscape, Image, and Language Among Some Indigenous People of the American Southwest and Northwest Australia," National Science Foundation, Geography and Regional Science Program, (BCS-0423075), and (BCS-0423023), David M. Mark, Buffalo PI, David Stea, Texas State - San Marcos PI, September 1 2004 to August 31 2007, $124,996 over 3 years at Buffalo and $125,000 at Texas State.

"Strategic Enhancement of NGA’s Geographic Information Science Infrastructure: Interoperating between Terrain Models and Features". National Geospatial-intelligence Agency, subcontract through UC Santa Barbara, D. Flewelling, PI, D. Mark, co-PI, $45,000, 07/2004 – 09/2006.

"Field-to-Feature Extraction Procedures to Support Multilingual Information Retrieval of Landscape Features," Microsoft Research Virtual Earth RFP, D. Mark, PI, unrestricted gift, $40,000.

"Doctoral Dissertation Research: Seri (SEI) Landscape Classification and Spatial Reference" (BCS- 0553965). J. Bohnemeyer, PI, C. O'Meara and D. Mark, co-PIs. $11,702 over 2 years, 06/01/2006 – 05/31/2008.

Graduate Education

"IGERT: Integrative Geographic Information Science Traineeship Project", National Science Foundation, Division of Graduate Education, (DGE 03-33417), D. Mark, PI, four other official NSF co-PI, plus 15 other UB faculty, October 1 2003 to October 31 2008 (Estimated), $3,778,676 over five years.

Image Databases, Digital Libraries, Information Technology

"CISE Research Infrastructure: MultiStore: A Research Infrastructure for Management, Analysis and Visualization of Large-Scale Multidimensional Data Sets," National Science Foundation, Division of Experimental and Integrative Activities, (EIA-0101244), Aidong Zhang, PI, Ashim Garg, David M. Mark, Raj Acharya, and Russ Miller, co-PIs, September 1 2001 to September 30 2006, $1,003,091 over 5 years.

Selected Former Grants

Ontology and Cognition

"Geographic Categories: An Ontological Investigation," National Science Foundation, Geography and Regional Science Program, (BCS-9975557), David M. Mark, PI, Barry Smith, co-PI, August 15 1999 to July 31 2002 (Estimated), $199,689 over 3 years.

Graduate Education

"Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training in Geographic Information Science" (IGERT), National Science Foundation, Division of Graduate Education, (DGE 98-70668), D. Mark, PI, four other official NSF co-PI, plus 14 other UB faculty, September 1 1998 to August 31 2003 (Estimated), $2,215,436 over five years.

Image Databases, Digital Libraries, Information Technology

"ITR/AP+IM: Information Processing for Integrated Observation and Simulation Based Risk Management of Geophysical Mass Flows," National Science Foundation, Division of Advanced Computational Infrastructure and Research, (ACI-0121254), Abani Patra, PI, David M. Mark, E. Bruce Pitman, Michael F. Sheridan, and Christina L. Bloebaum, co-PIs, September 15 2001 to August 31 2004, $1,924,981 over 3 years.

"Metadata Model, Resource Discovery, and Querying on Large-scale Multidimensional Datasets," National Science Foundation, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems, (IIS-9905603), Aidong Zhang, PI, David M. Mark and Raj Acharya, co-PIs, August 15 2000 to July 31 2003 (Estimated), $400,000 over 3 years.

"Digital Government: Very Large Scale Multidimensional Data Management and Retrieval for USGS and NIMA Imagery," National Science Foundation, Digital Government Program, (EIA-9983430), Aidong Zhang, PI, David M. Mark, co-PI, August 1 2000 to July 31 2003 (Estimated), $500,000 over 3 years.

Immersive Information Spaces for Data Access and Dissemination," National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA University Research Initiative program), (NMA2010012005), D. Mark (Buffalo PI), S. Fabrikant (Santa Barbara PI), D. Montello (co-PI), March 15 2000 to March 14 2003, $366,071 over three years (includes subaward to University of California, Santa Barbara).

Environmental Health

"Environmental Exposures at Birth and Menarche and Risk of Breast Cancer," USARMC, US Army, DAMD170010417, J. Freudenheim, PI, D. Mark, co-PI, June 1 2000 to May 31 2003, $153,476 over three years.

"Spatio-Temporal GIS Analysis for Environmental Health," National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, (1 R 01 ES09816-01), D. Mark, PI; L. Bian, P. Rogerson, and J. Vena, co-PIs; Max Egenhofer, Maine PI, June 1 1999 to May 31 2003, $1,563,536 over 4 years (includes subaward to University of Maine).

Other Research Interests

Formal models of spatial relations. With Max Egenhofer (University of Maine), David Mark has been researching the meanings of spatial relation concepts that are expressed in natural language. Recent work has concentrated on line-region relations, using a "road" and a "park" as the entities in all experiments. Work has concentrated on the English language, but has also included Spanish, French, and Norwegian.

The GIS History Project. This is a project to investigate the history of geographic information systems. David Mark is particularly interested in technical innovation, invention, and re-invention of GIS algorithms and data-structures, especially in the 'early' period, 1964-1973. Within the GIS History Project, Mark is concentrating on the GBF/DIME case study and the TIN case study.

Urban Wildlife Conflicts. Early in 1996, David Mark was appointed to be a member of the Town of Amherst's Deer Management Task Force looking at nature and society conflicts and solutions in a suburban setting. He is also major Professor for Steven Parkansky's dissertation on that topic. The Winter 1999 issue of the UB alumni magazine, UB Today, includes Mapping in Action, an article about GIS that focusses on the Amherst deer problem.

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