David M. Mark, Degrees and Positions Held


Positions Held:

1970-1974 Teaching Assistant, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia.

1974-1976 Research Assistant, ONR Contract N00014-75-C-0886, Simon Fraser University.

1976 Sessional Lecturer in Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University.

1976-1977 Open Graduate Fellowship holder, Simon Fraser University.

1977 Visiting Professor, University of Ottawa (summer).

1977-1978 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia.

1978-1981 Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario.

1980 Visiting Lecturer, University of British Columbia


1981- Assistant Professor (1981-1983), Associate Professor (1983-1987), and Professor (1987-date), State University of New York at Buffalo.

1983 Visiting Scientist, CSIRO Division of Computing Research, Australia (June 27 to August 24, 1983).

1988 Visiting Scientist, CSIRO Division of Information Technology, Australia (August 28-November 7, 1988).

1995-2000 Member, School of Graduate Studies, University of Maine.

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