Darryl's Anime and Mecha Picture Page

(Updated January 22, 2002)

Hello All.

Okay, I know this is a very Very VERY Simple page but Iím really not into the page creation thing at all. Its here just as a place where I can post various pictures of the models I have a chance to build or modify.

First Up: My work so far on a conversion of the MG Zaku II F/J to the Zaku F-2. I have used a combination of cut sheet and pre-formed/cut strips (and a bit of putty) for the overall shape and a whole lot of sanding to get what you see below. My major concern is whether to make the torso movable. I'm not looking for a 360 degree rotation here just some movement say 10 degrees or so either way. As I said on www.gundamshop.com any help or suggestion etc. Please email any comments or suggestions on the below to me at Darrylbar@aol.com or dkbarnes@acsu.buffalo.edu.

Take Care

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