Portfolio of

Dominic Lauricella

Media Study ◆ UB Student ◆ English Minor

Church Project

Starting as an assignment for my intermediate video class, I soon realized this video's potential to showcase the artworks present in St. James Church at Blessed Mother Teresa Parish in Depew. With the pastor's blessing I was given the permission to film these works, create a montage, and present it to the parishioners.

Intermediate Video Final Project

While putting the finishing touches on the above "Church Video," I was filming and editing my final project for DMS 341 concurrently. To accompany the song "All the Time" by the band Mayday!, this project was my attempt to create a music video with an emotionally dark overtone, while still including remnants of comedy to lighten the tension.

Basic Video Final Project

Finishing up my first semester in the Department of Media Studies, I wanted to create a parody of shows such as Man vs. Wild and Survivor Man. Mixing the realistic, yet sometimes fabricated situations of these shows with unpredictable, mystical elements of ones akin to Lost, and utilizing mockumentary techniques in the vain of The Office, I created "Survival Dude," the first in what may grow to be an anthology of antics from the main character, Craig Daniels.