The Problem

In the current Wind Turbine Industry, there is no turbine blade which implements an active twist angle in order to improve efficiency as well as power generation. Thus, the project goal is to develop a method for controlling the twist angle of the blade to optimize power generation at different wind speeds. In order to implement this concept the blade must be able to withstand the torque applied from the wind as well as the torque from the twisting mechanism of the blade. Therefore, structural stability will be a large component of research and analysis. The design for the twisting mechanism will also need to adequately twist the blade without compromising the stability and breaking it. In order to validate the design, torque and structural testing will need to be completed to make sure the blade does not fail during use.

Deliverable 1

The prototype described in Specifications will be delivered at the end of the project.

Deliverable 2

A comprehensive set of all data and files including computational models, full set of drawings, design review report, and the final report.

Deliverable 3

A full presentation for UB Senior Design Expo