Dominique Dorsinville

Hi, my name's Dominique but I prefer to be called Dom.
I originally transfered to UB last Fall to study mechanical engineering but ended up switching to business administration.
My favorite hobbies are practicing martial arts (particularly Judo), mountain biking and downhill longboarding.
I am hoping that the material I learn in this class can be applied at some point during my career.

MGS351 Final Project
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  1. Assignment 1: Create Your Web Page
  2. Assignment 2: Add Cascading Style Sheets To Your Web Page
  3. Inline Page
    Embedded Page
    Linked Page
  4. Assignment 3: Create a Table Web Page
  5. Table Page
  6. Assignment 4: Create a Valid HTML5/CSS Web Page
  7. HTML5/CSS Page
  8. Assignment 5: Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets
  9. CSS Special Effects
  10. Assignment 6: Create a Form Web Page
  11. Form Page
  12. Assignment 7: Create a Multimedia Web Site
  13. Multimedia Page
  14. Assignment 8: Create a JavaScript Web Page
  15. Javascript Page
  16. Assignment 9: Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
  17. Assignment 10: HTML 5 Final