1. history chart
  2. a) It is acceptable because the comparison being made is how accurate the estimate was, so the explanation for any variation in guesses is how different the estimate was from the actual date.
  3. b) All of the dots for bot estimate and real would be in the exact same spots.
  1. union chart 1
  2. union chart 2
  3. a) I used union participation because that number is meant to explain a decreasing or increasing trend in strikes and lockouts.
  4. b) The lower the union membership percentage, the fewer strikes and lockouts occur.
  5. c) The second plot shows the same information on different axes, so the association would imply that as the number of strikes and lockouts decreases, union membership decreases.
  6. d) See answer to question c.
  1. governor chart 2
  2. governor chart 2
  3. a) The graph helps to express a comparison between the per capita income of the state and the salary of the governor of that state.
  4. b) The scatterplot could help to show whether or not there is a correlation between the 2 sets of data, which there does not appear to be.
  1. governor chart 3
  2. a) Yes, the states that have the higher per capita incomes seem to have governors with higher salary.\
  3. b) There are no points that stand out.
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