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The Ontario Budget, under the newly elected Liberal party, describes the current allocation of provincial funds to help benefit provincially funded resources. The video comes from a credible Canadian news source, CBC news, where the website can be accessed for more information regarding the Ontario provincial budget.

The MP3 file is a song through a YouTube channel called NoCopyrightSounds. The song was converted to MP3 format using an online video to music (MP3) converter (www.youtube-mp3.org) and then uploaded using picosong.com which creates a URL link for the MP3 file. Both sites are free and easy to use. 

Hoopla Digital offers an on-demand internet media streaming service accessible through participating libraries. With a library card, one has access to borrow material such as music, e-books, movies, audio books and more. I chose this site as a good example of multimedia use because most forms of multimedia are offered; sound, video, photo etc.

This tutorial describes how JPEG and MPEG work. The video describes the process of compressing high resolution pictures and video into smaller files by minimizing redundant data. Without using high level mathematics, the instructor is able to explain clearly the process of JPEGs and MPEGs by using examples. In the tutorial, the instructor also references a link that may be helpful in further explaining the compression process.