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Research Interests:

                 In my lab we study the molecular and biophysical mechanisms that regulate gating in the voltage-sensitive potassium channel, Kv4.3. The channel is responsible for phase I repolarization of the cardiac action potential. After a rapid influx of Na+ or Ca2+ into the cardiac myocyte, the interior of the cell experiences depolarization of its resting potential, from around -80mV to +40mV, or greater. Because this is a very high-energy, unstable  state, the cell has developed ways to bring the potential back down to resting values rather quickly. The first is through the efflux of potassium ions through Kv4 channels (Ito). Later in the action potential (during phase III), delayed rectifier potassium channels bring the membrane potential back to rest.

             It was known relatively early on that the Kv4.3 channel does not act in isolation. Expressing channel α–subunits alone heterologously in Xenopus oocytes was unable to reproduce the native current. A class of calcium-binding ancillary subunits known as Potassium Channel Interacting Proteins (KChIPs) were soon cloned from cardiac tissue. Expressed together with Kv4.3, the KChIPs were found to reproduce closely the gating kinetics observed in the intact heart. Work in this lab was instrumental in identifying the important KChIP isoforms in the heart (KChIP2b in particular) and characterizing their effects on the channel.

             Currently, we are trying to understand the mechanisms of channel inactivation and recovery from inactivation and identifying where and how KChIPs exert their effects on the channel. To answer these questions we use a combination of molecular, biophysical, and electrophysiological techniques.

Other Lab Interests:

    Thai and Indian food, dinosaurs, Sabres and Bills, frogs, sleeping late, cartoons, riding bikes to work, classical music, baseball, chicken wings, zombies, movies, wine, licorice, and casual Monday thru Fridays.

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