Sample Maps

Below are a selection of maps, geographic diagrams, and other images used for the Map Cataloging Workshop. More examples will be added.

Africa Outline map Global grid system
Tucson Satellite image 1 meter view Mexico Call numbers map
South America Call numbers map
Analemma Great Circle and Rhumb line
Bathurst Island Geo center catalog page
Canada political map 1999 Outline map Iceland outline
China provinces China rivers Latitude and Longitude on globe
Colombia Map coordinate grid

Buffalo 1896 1901 1948

Denmark South Africa CIA Detail Detail
Continental Drift  
  Pulau Kangean
Map Projections  
Three different projections of the US Map Scale visual chart comparison
Prime Meridian & Equator USGS Topo Maps book
UTM Grid USGS Topo map indexes
North America conical Albers equal area map New York Topo Index
North America conical Lambert conformal map Quad map index
North America UTM zones World UTM zones UTM size changes Specialized/Custom Maps
Mercator projection Chestnut Ridge park map
Mollweid projection Emery Park map
Peters Equal area projection World Equidistant map  
Robinson Equal area projection Map Librarianship Book cover
Relief map showing depth (bathymetry)  
Relief map showing shading  
World map showing Latitudes and Longitudes  
World map showing Latitudes and Longitudes  
Globe with Latitudes and Longitudes  

David J. Bertuca, Map Librarian, University at Buffalo.

Last Modified: 10 December 2008
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