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The following compilation of Internet/WWW sites is intended to be an introductory guide to some of the map and reference resources available via the World Wide Web. Consider using one of the WWW search engines if you are looking for a specific type of map or reference.

The maps which are listed here have been selected because they are thought to be reasonably useful and/or interesting. They are categorized by geographical region although there are a couple of thematic categories such as Interactive Maps which both highlights the potential of the WWW and are also fun to use. Note that there is some overlap in geographic coverage between these categories.

The emphasis is on displayable maps (e.g. images) rather than digital cartographic (GIS) and satellite data which can be found in the separate compilation Geodata Information Sources. There is also another listing which includes Weather Maps and Imagery.


This list has been compiled for use by faculty members and students of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research. Suggested additions and corrections to this list are welcome and can be sent to the CGRER webmaster.

Note: These various Internet links may not be accessible at all times.

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