Canadian Islands

List of islands by province, compiled from Canadian Government data (not from official name authority sources). This list not complete.
Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Newfoundland & Labrador Nova Scotia
North West Territories Ontario Prince Edward Island Québec Saskatchewan Yukon Territory

AB001 St.George

AB002 St.Patrick

AB003 Princes

AB004 Kimbrook

AB005 Big

AB006 Church

AB007 Elbow Island South

AB008 Elbow North

AB009 Spruce

AB010 Pellican

AB011 Weiner

AB012 Old Canoe

AB013 Beaver

AB014 Big Grebe

AB015 Small Grebe

AB016 Koney

AB017 Long

AB018 Big

AB019 Currant

AB020 Birch

AB021 Castle

AB022 Hawke

AB023 Hogue

AB024 Pegasus

AB025 Schooner

AB026 Gwen

AB027 Pelican




British Columbia


BC001 Vancouver Island

BC002 Graham

BC003 Moresby

BC004 Green

BC005 Kaien

BC006 Quadra

BC007 North Pender

BC008 Salt Spring

BC009 Savary

BC010 Thetis

BC011 Saturna

BC012 Galiano

BC013 Gabriola

BC014 Pasley

BC015 Texada

BC016 Lulu

BC017 Sea

BC018 Trutch

BC019 Malcolm

BC020 Cormorant

BC021 Lasqueti

BC022 Denman

BC023 Banks

BC024 Calvert

BC025 King

BC026 Broughton

BC027 Cracroft

BC028 Ministrel

BC029 Redonda

BC030 Scout

BC031 Gambier

BC032 South Pender

BC033 Annacis

BC034 Ridley

BC035 Mayne

BC036 Westham

BC037 Mc Arthur

BC038 North

BC039 Prevost

BC040 Diamond

BC041 Hornby

BC042 Cortes

BC043 Thormanby

BC044 Iona

BC045 Deas

BC046 Twigg

BC047 Mitchell

BC048 Campania

BC049 Jimmy's/Richmond

BC050 Tilbury

BC051 Reifel

BC052 Sisters

BC053 Granville

BC054 Mc Millan

BC055 Barnston

BC056 Nicomen

BC057 Seabird

BC058 Herrling

BC059 Deering

BC060 Withworth

BC061 Tree

BC062 Hatzic

BC063 Discovery

BC064 Cottonwood

BC065 Echo

BC066 Shady

BC067 Grass

BC068 Cariboo

BC069 Plato

BC070 Wallace

BC071 North Secretary

BC072 South Secretary

BC073 Portland

BC074 Brockman

BC075 Newcastle

BC076 Sibbald

BC077 Long

BC078 Bowen

BC079 Emerald

BC080 Crown

BC081 Goat

BC082 Deadman

BC083 First Sister

BC084 Third Sister

BC085 Don

BC086 Lion

BC087 West Twain

BC088 East Twain

BC089 Beehive

BC090 Fairfield

BC091 Mollimarn

BC092 Hog

BC093 Windermere

BC094 Rose

BC095 Rosebank

BC096 Ferry Is Prov Park

BC097 Dagger

BC098 Patrick

BC099 Kuper

BC100 Gunn

BC101 Williamson

BC102 Barber

BC103 Brae

BC104 Trial

BC105 Woods

BC106 Strawberry

BC107 Tremblay

BC108 Skumalasph

BC109 Fane

BC110 Blunden

BC111 Sidney

BC112 Deadman's

BC113 Queens

BC114 Watson



MB001 Hecla

MB002 Matheson

MB003 Manitoba

MB004 Black



New Brunswick


NB001 Campobello

NB002 Miscou

NB003 Grand Manan

NB004 Lameque

NB005 Deer

NB006 Grindstone

NB007 Centennial

NB008 Barn Marsh

NB009 Ile Partridge

NB010 White Head



Newfoundland & Labrador


NF001 Newfoundland

NF002 Bell Island

NF003 Belle Isle

NF004 Huntingdon

NF005 Fogo

NF006 Twillingate South

NF007 Random

NF008 Kelly's

NF009 Little Bell

NF010 Carbonear

NF011 Change

NF012 Twillingate North

NF013 Pool's

NF014 Chapel

NF015 Ramea

NF016 Strongs

NF017 Dildo

NF018 New World

NF019 Baccalieu

NF020 Big

NF021 Handy

NF022 Salt Harbour

NF023 Fairbanks

NF024 Island Of Ponds

NF025 Anniowaktook

NF026 Burgeo

NF027 Smalls

NF028 Joe Dick's

NF029 Bobbett's

NF030 Houses

Nova Scotia


NS001 Cape Breton

NS002 St.Paul Is. North

NS003 St.Paul Is. South

NS004 Sable

NS005 Pictou

NS006 Cape Sable

NS007 Long

NS008 Outer Hirthe

NS009 Mc Nutt's

NS010 Janvrin

NS011 Brier

NS012 Big Tancook

NS013 Henry

NS014 Caribou

NS015 Merigomish/Big

NS016 Isle Madame

NS017 Petit De Grat

NS018 Boularderie

NS019 Roy

NS020 Morris

NS021 Surettes

NS022 Roberts

NS023 Sherose

NS024 Malagash

NS025 Sober

NS026 Turner

NS027 Cheticamp

NS028 Purdy

NS029 Emerys

NS030 Shaw

NS031 Hermans

NS032 Oak

NS033 Corkums

NS034 Quarry

NS035 Bush

NS036 Cape La Have

NS037 Port Mouton

NS038 Paddys

NS039 Stovepipe

NS040 Heckmans

NS041 Graves

NS042 Little Tancook

NS043 Marvin's


North West Territories


NW001 Baffin

NW002 Broughton

NW003 Brevoort

NW004 Dorset

NW005 Ellesmere

NW006 Ward Hunt

NW007 Banks

NW008 Cornwallis

NW009 Prince Patrick

NW010 Southampton

NW011 Ellef Ringnes

NW012 Victoria Is.

NW013 Igloolik

NW014 Farmer

NW015 Sleeper

NW016 Charlton

NW017 Killinq / Killinek

NW018 Resolution

NW019 Nottingham

NW020 Thompson

NW021 Couper

NW022 Bray

NW023 Jenny Lind

NW024 King William

NW025 Nicholson

NW026 King Christian

NW027 Beacon

NW028 Bathurst

NW029 Devon

NW030 Melville

NW031 Moose


NW033 Akimiski

NW034 Cameron

NW035 Fox

NW036 Little Cornwallis

NW037 Hendrickson

NW038 Patterson

NW039 Sheep

NW040 Flaherty

NW041 King George Isl.Grp.

NW042 Long



ON001 Manitoulin

ON002 Pelee

ON003 Middle

ON004 St.Joseph

ON005 Flowerpot

ON006 Toronto Is

ON007 Henley

ON008 Two Mile

ON009 Wolfe

ON010 Pilon

ON011 Thompson

ON012 Snake

ON013 Algonquin

ON014 Olympic

ON015 Barrie

ON016 Great Cloche

ON017 Birch

ON018 Twilight

ON019 Ryersons

ON020 Scugog

ON021 Amherst

ON022 Simcoe

ON023 Howe

ON024 Georgina

ON025 Christian

ON026 South

ON027 St. George

ON028 Washburn

ON029 Parry

ON030 Rama

ON031 Walpole

ON032 Squirrel

ON033 Pottowatamie

ON034 St. Anne

ON035 Rattlesnake

ON036 Claire

ON037 Byng

ON038 Knapps

ON039 Orillia

ON040 Snake

ON041 Strawberry

ON042 Cedar

ON043 Thorah

ON044 Mill

ON045 Brandys

ON046 Large Burleigh 15

ON047 Picnic

ON048 Fothergill

ON049 Horse Shoe

ON050 Bassett

ON051 Cow

ON052 Emerald

ON053 Rokeby

ON054 Fritz

ON055 Christie's Mill

ON056 Archibald

ON057 Janden

ON058 Duncan

ON059 Tamarac

ON060 Indian Head

ON061 Doe

ON062 Juanita

ON063 Franklin

ON064 Burnt

ON065 Acton

ON066 South Benjamin

ON067 Rodkey

ON068 Big Colquhoun

ON069 Moose Factory

ON070 East Sampson

ON071 Burnt

ON072 Goat

ON073 Rabbit

ON074 Otter

ON075 Moulinette/isl #17

ON076 Hill

ON077 Nairne

ON078 Morrison

ON079 Macdonell

ON080 Woodlands

ON081 Mc Laren

ON082 Hoople

ON083 Snetsinger

ON084 Mille Roches

ON085 Cornwall

ON086 Dickinson

ON087 Ault

ON088 Belle

ON089 Bamford

ON090 Big

ON091 Huffs

ON092 Cedar

ON093 Sheba's

ON094 Mowat

ON095 Campment D'ours

ON096 Pine

ON097 Brown's

ON098 Jack's

ON099 French

ON100 China

ON101 Mc Kay

ON102 Nappan

ON103 Mc Cann

ON104 Meyers

ON105 Juniper Ile

ON106 Hen And Chicken

ON107 Grand

ON108 Dufferin

ON109 Merrit

ON110 The Island

ON111 West Zwicks

ON112 East Zwicks

ON113 Baker's

ON114 Casey

ON115 Philpots

ON116 East

ON117 Fraser

ON118 Hamilton

ON119 North Petrie

ON120 South Petrie

ON121 Porter

ON122 Green

ON123 Victoria

ON124 Morris

ON125 Ernest

ON126 Nottawasaga Light

ON127 One Tree

ON128 Speers

ON129 Dominion

ON130 Maple

ON131 Taite

ON132 Birch

ON133 Coleman

ON134 Fourteen Mile

ON135 Okikewdawt

ON136 Port Carling

ON137 Portage

ON138 Dreamers

ON139 Island 95

ON140 Fishermans

ON141 Potvin

ON142 18 Mile

ON143 Waupoos

ON144 Sentenial

ON145 Potatoe

ON146 Quarry

ON147 Island 93

ON148 Island 92

ON149 Bobcaygeon

ON150 Middle

ON151 Secret

ON152 Kawartha Hideaway

ON153 Roberts

ON154 Big Beausoleil

ON155 Garratt

ON156 Gasket

ON157 Skunk

ON158 Little Colquhoun

ON159 Island E

ON160 Ox

ON161 Cantin

ON162 Fortyfive

ON163 Twentysix

ON164 Indian

ON165 Fourmile

ON166 Bald

ON167 Cedar

ON168 Stag

ON169 Moneysunk

ON170 Fawn

ON171 Mc Millan's

ON172 Smith

ON173 Cotnam

ON174 Deweys

ON175 Block House

ON176 Smiths Falls

ON177 Treasure

ON178 Bald Head

ON179 Huffmans

ON180 Cranberry

ON181 Bigelow

ON182 Wilson

ON183 Jobs

ON184 Parr Island



Prince Edward Island


PE001 Prince Edward Isl.

PE002 Panmure

PE003 Rustico

PE004 Lennox

PE005 Poplar

PE006 St.Peters





PQ001 Anticosti

PQ002 Bonaventure

PQ003 Harrington

PQ004 Ile Cap Aux Meules

PQ005 Quarry

PQ006 Grande Basque

PQ007 Orleans

PQ008 Ile de Montreal

PQ009 Ile-aux-Coudres

PQ010 Grosse

PQ011 EXPO Island

PQ012 Perce Rock

PQ013 Gros. Ile Au Marteau

PQ014 Laval

PQ015 Green/Verte

PQ016 du Havre Aubert

PQ017 Ile Havre Aux Maison

PQ018 De La Grande Entre

PQ019 Grande Ile

PQ020 La Grosse Ile

PQ021 d'Entree

PQ022 Brion

PQ023 Nuns/Des Soeurs

PQ024 Ile Aux Loups

PQ025 Ile Perrot

PQ026 Isle Bigras

PQ027 Ile Bizard

PQ028 Ile De Allumettes

PQ029 Ile Du Grand Calumet

PQ030 Ile Morrison



SK001 Manitou

SK002 Willow

SK003 Beaver


Yukon Territory


YT001 Herschel

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