We would like to ask for your support and participation in a research study examining the impact of caring for a spouse or significant other who has chronic pain.  This research is focused on the spouse or significant other, and it does not require responses from the person with chronic pain.

Please click here to go directly to the survey. 

*Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing

 for a $25.00 JC Penney Gift Card.

Who is eligible?

*Any spouse or significant other of a person who has chronic pain and has acted as the primary caregiver for at least six months.  This study is open for adults ages 19 and up.

What is required?

*Access to a computer for completion of online surveys.  These surveys will provide information on background characteristics, stressors experienced with caregiving, marital satisfaction, and emotional well-being.  The surveys are designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less.  Paper versions of the surveys can be obtained by emailing Denise Riley at dariley@buffalo.edu .

Are my responses confidential?

YES. Any information you provide will be kept completely confidential.  All correspondence will be done online or through the mail, and only the principal investigator and the University supervisor will have access to your information related to this study.  The surveys you complete will be marked in an unidentifiable manner (not by name), and any and all printed materials will be kept in a locked cabinet.  This study has been approved by the University at Buffalo
Institutional Review Board, and is under the supervision of
Dr. Gloria Lee.


Please visit the following website for online instructions and completion of the surveys.



Contact Denise Riley at the University at Buffalo,  SUNY, by email at dariley@buffalo.edu , or Dr. Gloria Lee at 645-2484, ext 1068.


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