Darcey Mulligan Software Exercises

Week 1: Getting Started

This week I learned the basics of how to use UBlearns. Through the tutorials I know where to locate course materials, submit coursework, contribute to class discussions, and find assistance when needed

Week 2: File Management in a Networked Environment

I experienced some difficulty with the tutorials for this week. I am a very new Mac user and struggled a bit to understand how the Windows OS tutorials translated to a Mac OS. After some outside research and consulting the UB IT help page I was able to successfully set up the UBVPN. I found significant difficulty with mapping the network drive, but again, with consulting the UB IT page I was able to find success. Fetch did not present a problem in regards to instillation. Installing and connecting to My Virtual Computing Lab did not present any problems but I have not yet spent a significant amount of time looking through the software.

Week 3: HTML

I ran into some problems when saving my document as html instead of txt. With the assistance of my professor, Dr. Wang, I was able to turn off the automatic txt file and save the document as html which solved the problem I was running into. When I was trying to view the document in a web browser I was being shown a "safari can not find file " message. But since I was able to change the extensions that problem has been eliminated, and I have been able to successfully publish my webpage.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Week 4: CSS

This week we learned about cascading style sheets(CSS). We had an assignment that required the use of CSS to reformat an already given html document with an image. I ran into one problem in getting the background color of the headers to also appear behind the image. Once I was able to solve that problem with the use of #header instead of {h1,h2,h3} related to background color. We also did a tutorial on using BlueGriffon. This tutorial taught me how to use a HTML editor. I did not have any problems with this software .

Blue Griffon Exercise

Week 5: Multimedia

This week we learned how to manipulate images using the GIMP software. Through following the tutorials I learned how to edit colors that are over exposed, here is the original image, remove red eye, here is the original, and enhance images by removing skin blemishes and adding makeup, here is the original.  This is a page that I created with some of the multimedia exercises we practiced, including an embedded video, mp3, and thumbnails. 

Week 6: JavaScript

I had some trouble getting Javascript to work properly. I have not been able to get the "go" button to work, but will continue to review my work to find the problem. After multiple trial and error attempts I finally got the "go" button to work and the it is now a searchable exercise.

Lab Exercise

Week 7: Database

Lab Exercise:This is my database exercise. I used OpenOffice because I am a Mac user. One difficulty I had was being able to see the example provided because the format wasn't compatible with my OS. I created my own data to input for this exercise.

Week 8: XML and Metadata

Lab Exercise: I was unsure if I needed a style sheet with the XML exercise. After trying to numerous times to attach a style sheet that I learned about through w3schools, I had no success in getting the style to show on my xml document, but after consulting the class discussion board I learned that a style sheet was not required. 

Metadata exercise 1: This is about my LIS 506 page that I created in the beginning of the semester.

Dublin Core exercise: This is an exercise using Dublin Core metadata.

XML exercise

Week 9: System Development

Lab Exercise: Here is a link to the Google Site that I recreated from week 4. This gives some information about my dog Charlie!

Week 10: Web 2.0 and Social Software

Lab Exercise:

This exercise includes an embedded map to Ellison Park in Rochester, New York. One of my favorite places to spend time.

This exercise includes an embedded map with driving directions from Ellison Park to the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester.

This exercise was done utilizing LibraryThing.

Week 11: Interaction, Interface, and Usability

Lab Exercise: This is an exercise that required creating a site on LibGuides.

Week 12: Search Technologies

Lab Exercise: This is a comparison between search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Week 13: Thanksgiving Break!

No exercise for this week.

Week 14: Ethics;Security;Privacy;Integrity  

Lab Exercise: Creating the slideshow in iMovie was achieved with no problems or challenges. I ran into significant problems when trying to export iMovie and save it to my UB server. After checking message boards, tutorial videos, and trial and error, I still wasn't able to get the video to save to the UB server. I instead exported the video to youtube and then embedded the video. This is the link and it is a slideshow of somethings that I did throughout 2016.

Week 15: Cloud Computing; Mobil Computing; The Future

Lab Exercise: There was no lab exercise for this week.

last update: 12/18/2016