Search Engine Comparison for The West Wing


There are eleven results shown on the first page with a total of 44,500,000 results in 0.56 seconds. There is a mix of results that include Wikipedia, IMBD, Official website on NBC, Vanity Fair article, and news articles relevant to the shows creator Aaron Sorkin and recent mentions of the TV show. Google also gave me options to purchase or rent episodes through YouTube, Amazon, and Itunes.


Searching for The West Wing on Yahoo yielded ten results on the first page from a total of 708,000,000 results. Yahoo did not display a search time like Google did. The results were a mix of information relevant to the tv show but there were also results in the News section that included results that had the combination of the words  the, west, and wing, in the article. Yahoo didn't offer the ability to rent or purchase directly on the search page, but only when you click on an episode link that brings you to a page where you can.


Searching The West Wing on Bing resulted in 9 results on the first page with a total of 745,000,000 results. Bing offers the option to filter results based on time so I could get results from the past 24 hours, week, or month. Bing offered the ability to rent episodes and also gave suggestions for other shows you may be interested in.

Google and Bing offered the best results for what I was looking for. I am accustomed to using Google as my search engine but seeing what Bing had to offer I would consider switching. The results from Yahoo were sufficient but underwhelming in comparison to Google and Bing.