Week 5: Multimedia Resources

The above video is a clip from Season 6 Episode 10 of Game of Thrones. This is when Samwel first enters the library at the Citadel and is taken back by the magnitude of the library.

I chose to use a YouTube video since there are numerous options in regards to content. A user is able to find music, television clips, live streaming of the news or public events, and so much more. YouTube also allows users to easily share the videos they watched through Facebook, Twitter, embedding into webpages, or links such as the one above.

Audio: QuickTime

Using QuickTime was a very easy software to utilize. Since it was already installed on my computer I didn't have to download anything. I referenced the Apple page about how to use QuickTime for some more information. Inserting the audio into my webpage was also an easy task. Below is my welcome message created using QuickTime. 


Image: Thumbnails

I used GIMP to make a thumbnail of my image. I used a tutorial from eHow that explained the process of creating a thumbnail using the GIMP software. I didn't experience any trouble in making the thumbnail and

MP3 Tutorial:Stark Effects

The link below is to the website Stark Effects which explains how mp3 files work. I found this site to be informative since it explains in detail how mp3 works, but it made it understandable for the everyday person. The explanation about how mp3 functions was through and didn't include to many numbers that one could become confused. I think this site gives a beginner the information needed to understand the basics of mp3 files.