About Us


We are graduate students at the University at Buffalo’s Information and Library Science program. LIS 506 is an introduction course to Information Technologies. This website is the culmination of our course and utilizes key technologies such as HTML, CSS, and multimedia. We have included our project report below for a detailed explanation of how we reached our final product.

-Amanda, Darcey, Haley


Project Report


    This project gave us the opportunity to demonstrate, put into practice, and collaborate our experience in LIS 506. The application of technologies and skills learned throughout the semester were executed with the culmination of the website, which demanded the collaborative effort of all team members and gave each of us the chance to gain hands-on experience in creating a web page and key technologies.

     We first assembled our information and shared into Google Docs, which allowed us to sort our pages for each section our website. We organized and assigned sections of information to our topic to work on. With our information, we created our individual pages of our sections that go into the website. We got our information from past work and assignments from previous school projects and work and through the internet through Google; going on wikis, TV show sites, blogs, and information we had already known. We thought that splitting up sections would be most efficient because we could discuss our pages to each other and view each others source codes. We then planned on working on our home page together as a group. We discussed the technologies we wanted to implement from we learned in class and incorporated them into our pages. In creating the individual pages, we looked and edited each others pages and decided together what elements to keep or discard in order to make our site cohesive and consistent. We continuously built on our pages and shared our progress through email daily and meetings using Google Hangouts.

     Since this project was created without an explicit intended audience, implementing a web page that anyone could access with ease was our main goal. We had to take into account what any potential user would find useful and intuitive. Calling upon our own experiences and interactions with websites, we make decisions that would be appropriate for our site and any and all users. We wanted to provide information about Norse Mythology and how it has been interpreted in pop culture through the T.V. show Vikings and comic books and movies from Marvel. We had to make decisions about how a user would be interested in accesses this information such as links to other pages and a homepage that presents the information we are covering as well as a synopsis about the topic itself.

     The pages related to Vikings, Amanda experienced some difficulty with CSS because it wasn’t going with how it was originally envisioned. But, in the end, CSS was utilized in the first section on the page after a lot of problem solving and trial and error. There were also some problems with the copyright symbol displaying properly. The homepage was created using BlueGriffon and the copyright symbol would not properly display when viewed on the internet. After trying various methods of problem solving including editing in the source function, the code for the page was copied into a plain text editor, TextEdit, and the problem was solved.

    The combination of HTML, CSS, and Multimedia were the primary information technologies that were implemented in the creation of the project. Experimenting with these technologies and seeing what we liked, didn’t like, and what fit within the context of our project was informative and offered us each the ability to further enhance our skills and abilities with these technologies.

    Each technology presented different skills required for successful implementation. Trial and error was something each group member experienced with these technologies, but this presented us with the ability to yield the results we were seeking and learn in more depth about the technologies and how they function. An extreme attention to detail was necessary for this project, with any misplacement altering the quality of the project. This attention to detail was a learning experience that gave each member the ability to understand and identify how all code must be precise for execution.

     We each tested the web pages and made any necessary changes needed. When the project neared completion with all pages linked to each other, we solicited outside feedback from friends and family. This gave us an opportunity to understand how the average user would interact with the project and learn of any problems, complications, or concerns they had. This was an essential part of the project and being able to obtain another perception of the project from those who are not as familiar with the technologies being used gave us the ability to know how users are experiencing the web page.  The site will be kept active but no changes will be made to it after the submission of the project. It could serve as a tool for those who wish to learn more about Norse mythology but there is not an intended customer base that would implement this website.