Awesome Tree Stand

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Class Information:

Group 25

MAE 494 Design Project, Spring Semester 2016

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

State University of New York at Buffalo

Problem statement:

The elevated height of a hunter using a tree stand coincides with being in a more dangerous position. Injuries from the use of tree stands are considered common in today’s society. Hunter will be the safest when using a ladder tree stand because ladder tree stands have the most stability when compared to other types of tree stands. For this reason, our design is a ladder tree stand. Our design also consists of an attachable base that will be placed on the bottom of the ladder to decrease the chance of the ladder sliding on the ground. The base of the ladder will be keep in place using stakes. Although ladder tree stands are the safest kind of tree stand, they are also the heaviest kind of tree stand. Because of the heavy weight associated with ladder tree stands, our tree stand will have a pulley device that will allow the hunter to set up the stand easier than other common ladder stands on the market. A stress analysis with be applied on critical points such as the interface between the support and the ladder. Stress fatigue and thermal fatigue will also be applied in order to get an estimation of product life. CAD will be used for an analytical validation, and the prototype will be tested using weights and strain gauges.