Number of visits to the ER,by thousands

This Chart Conveys the number of visits to the Emergency room based on thousands of people. The pie Chart shows the different percentages of the reasons why people came to the ER. You can see thesse reasons in the legend to the right of the chart. Each piece represents a Part of among thousands of people(the Whole) who were evaluated at the ER.

Number of Miles from College to Home

The Bar graph conveys the number of miles from college to home from a selected group of 12 students. Each bar represents the number of miles for each student whose names are displayed on the vertical axis to the left. As seen in the graph above, one of the students Mitch, has hundreds of miles more than the others. Because of this, it seems as if Sally has no miles, so therefore there is the exact number of miles from home of each student next to each bar to make the graph better to understand.

Percent taking SAT'S among all states

The Histogram shows the percents of people taking the SAT's for all 50 states. Histograms may be a bit more difficult to understand. Based on this graph, the percents are placed into groupings of 10(Horizontal axis). Within these groups or classes, the bars represents how many of those 50 states(Vertical axis) have a percent within that grouping. For instance in this graph, the first group 10, have 18 states among the 50 states that have a percent range from 0-10% of people taking the SAT's.

Number of points scored by winners of the SuperBowl

The Histogram above shows the number of points that are scored by SuperBowl winners in the years of 1967 to 2011. This Histogram have classes of 5, which are shown on the horizontal axis. These numbers represnts the number of points scored by the winner teams. The bars represents how many years within the years of 1967 to 2011, the amount of points the winners recieved in these classes.