Challenge Project

Since the data I chose does not obtain any coordinate system, so the only method that came to my mind was Google Fusion table. When I was trying hard on fixing my D3 codings, I eventually realized that I would need to choose within the given data. This is why I satarted over again with such a shabby page, but it can tell something.

These points indicate the vacant properties sit around the south campus within over 3,700 properties.

This is the heatmap of the good deal`s distribution.

This is the original look of all properties.

In Conclusion,

the density of properties around the South Campus is likely to indicate that there are a lot of them are for investment, renting to students, for example. Such high density of properties in this area might not necessarily mean that their values are low, but it definately means that people living in this area are likely to be respectively more impecunious than other areas. Thus, we might need to concernt the security around this area. After all, there are more than 3,700 properties exist with such a high density, there might be quite more populetion than the number of the properties there.