Doctoral Dissertation Activity

Claude E. Welch, Jr.

Revised as of December 23, 2009


Asterisk indicates chair of doctoral committee. Unless otherwise noted, all dissertations were submitted at SUNY/Buffalo.


M. Seymen Atasoy “The Dynamics of German Foreign Policy Shifts” (Ph.D. awarded 1992).


*Gehad Auda “An Inquiry into Sadat's Political Order in Egypt” (Ph.D. awarded l984).


*Amilcar Barreto “Nationalism, Linguistic Security and Language Legislation in Quebec and Puerto Rico” (Ph.D. awarded 1994).


Gabriel Bayemi “Macroeconomic Structural Adjustment Effects on Formal Education in Cameroon” (Department of Educational Organization, Administration and Policy) (Ph.D. awarded 1996).


Celestine Bassey “The Role of Military Power in Nigerian Foreign Power: An Assessment of Motivation, Goals, and Utility (Ph.D. awarded 1985, Dalhousie University) (external reader).


*Peter Baxter “The Tripartite Relation between Multinational, State and Local Organization in the Dominant Product Economy of Senegal: State-Local Relations in Comparative Perspective” (Ph.D. awarded 1992).


Valerie Plave Bennett “The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in Ghana, 1945-1962” (Ph.D. awarded 1971, Boston University) (external reader).


James Brown “The Military in Politics: A Case Study of Greece” (Ph.D. awarded 1971).


Dong-gun Byun “Development and Environment in a Developing Country: The Case of Economic Growth vs. Developmental Problems in Korea” (Ph.D. awarded 1983).


*Timothy Callan “National Interests versus Moral Imperatives: Foreign Aid in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies” (Ph.D. awarded 2000)


*T-Y Emerson Chang “The Military and Transitions toward Democracy in Chile and Taiwan” (Ph.D. awarded 1995).


*Chia-sheng (Michael) Chen “Taiwan and the Development of a Late Modern Military” (Ph.D. awarded 2009).


Chun-ming Chen “Party Politics and Democratic Transition in Taiwan (1986-1994)” (Ph.D. awarded 1995).


*Hsiao-shih Cheng “The Political Commissar System in the Military: A Comparison of the PRC's Peoples Liberation Army and the ROC's National Army” (Ph.D. awarded 1988) (Published by Westview, 1990, as Party-Military Relations in the PRC and Taiwan, with foreword by Claude E. Welch, Jr.).


Chi Chun-chieh “The International Context of Development and Environment: Theories Applied to Kenya and Taiwan” (Ph.D. awarded 1992, Department of Sociology).


*Chou Chih-chieh (Bernard) International Effects on the Process of Democratization in East Asia and Central Europe (1986-2001). Ph.D. awarded 2005)


Chinweizu Ibekwe “The West and the Rest of Us” (Ph.D. awarded 1976, Department of History) (published by Random House, 1975).


Gary Ciurczak “US and Nicaragua in the 20th Century: A Study of the Effects on the US-Nicaraguan Relationship on the Human Rights of Nicaraguans 1890-1985” (Ph.D. awarded 1992, Department of Sociology).


*Lawrence E. Cline “Islamic Insurgencies: A Comparative Study” (Ph.D. awarded 2000).


Abdul W. Coulibaly “Factors that Influence the Supply of Primary School Teachers in Mali” (Ph.D. awarded 1999, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy) (external reader)


*Karla J. Cunningham “Regime and Society in Jordan: An Analysis of Jordanian Liberalization” (Ph.D. awarded 1997).


*A.J.C. Daniel “Radical Resistance to Minority Rule in South Africa: 1906-1965” (Ph.D. awarded 1975).


Leo Dare “Military Leadership in Transitional Societies: The Case of Western Nigeria” (Ph.D. awarded 1972, Carleton University) (external examiner).


*Rafael Davtian "A Theory of Ethnic Activity: Political and Economic Determinants of the Initiation, Severity, and Termination of Ethnonationalist Conflict"


Isaac Dim “Educational Expansion and Equality of Opportunity in Secondary Schools in Imo State of Nigeria” (Ph.D. awarded 1985, Department of Educational Administration).


Edward Chidizie Iwuofor Diogu “Teachers and Politics in Nigeria: A Study in the Policy Influence of the Nigerian Union of Teachers” (Ph.D. awarded 1985, Department of Educational Administration).


Joanna Drzewieniecki “Indigenous Politics, Local Power and the State in Peru, 1824-1968” (Ph.D. awarded 1996).


Gervase Eleonu “Modernization of the Educational System in Imo State, Nigeria” (Ph.D. awarded 1982, Department of Educational Administration).


*Michael Filozof “Woodrow Wilson and the Origins of International Human Rights” (Ph.D. awarded 2000).


*David Foley “The Democratic Consolidation of a Federal Political System: The Case of Russia” (Ph.D. awarded 2004)


*Tangie Fonchingong “Multilateral Assistance for Self-Reliant Development: The United Nations Development Program in Cameroon 1972-1983” (Ph.D. awarded 1984).


Alicia Fraser “The Relationships among HIV/AIDS, Political Administration and HIV/AIDS Health Care Policies in South Africa” (Department of Global Gender Studies)


Kathryn Bryk-Friedman “Institutions, Interests and Ideas: The Political Economy of Economic Policy-Making in Poland and Hungary” (Ph.D. awarded 1995)


Judith Gentleman “Mexican Oil and Dependent Development” (Ph.D. awarded 1982). (Named by SUNY/Buffalo as the outstanding dissertation of 1981-82, published by Peter Lang in 1985).


David Goldfischer “Mutual Defense Emphasis: The History and Implications of an Alternative Approach to Strategic Arms Control” (Ph.D. awarded 1989).


Annika HagleyGoing Rogue: Roll Call Voting, Discretionary Dissent and incumbent manipulation of Media messages in the United State Congress


Ann Helwege “Constraints on the Economic Dependence of Developing Countries” (Ph.D. awarded 1984, Department of Economics) (external reader).


*Carolina Hernandez “Civilian Control of the Military in the Philippines, 1946-1976” (Ph.D. awarded 1979).


Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao “Assessing and Comparing Government Agricultural Strate­gies in the Third World: The Cases of Taiwan and South Korea” (Ph.D. awarded 1979, Department of Sociology).


*David T. Hutt “Enforcement of International Human Rights Law: Factors and Effectiveness of Coercive Foreign Policy Approaches” (Ph.D. awarded 2004).


Gordon Idang “The Anglo-Nigerian Defense Treaty: A Case Study in Decision-Making” (Ph.D. awarded 1969).


*Farida Jalalzai “Women Leaders in Comparative Perspective” (Ph.D. awarded 2004)


*Junhui Joo [now Junhui Park] “Women's International Non-Governmental Organizations and an International Conference” (Ph.D. awarded 1984).


*Nantang Jua “The ACP-EEC Lomé Regime: Implementing the Comprehensive Development Strategy” (Ph.D. awarded 1982).


*Steven J. JurekPoland and the Post-Modern Military” (Ph.D. awarded 2006)


Azubike Kalu-Nwiwu “Textbook Contributions to National Integration: A Case Study of Nigeria” (Ph.D. awarded 1988, Department of Educational Organization, Administration and Policy).


Nabuyuki Kambara “Political Economy of the Nation-State Public Education Decentralization and Privatization: 1975-1990” (Ph.D. awarded 2004, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy)


Jidlaphe Kamoche “The Doctrine of the Paramountcy of African Interests and the Settler Question in Kenya, 1923-1963” (Ph.D. awarded 1977, Department of History) (published in 1981 by University Press of America).


Kijoo Kim “Post-Cold War Civil-Military Relations in South Korea: Toward a Postmodern Military?” (Ph.D. awarded 2009)


*J. C. Scott Lake “Peacekeeping’s Failure in the Post-Cold War Era” (Ph.D. awarded 2003)


*Lee, Jinmyoung “What Factors Determine the Success of Transnational Redress: Political Leaders, Redress Movements, Regime Type, International Human Rights Regimes or Economic Relationship” (Ph.D. awarded 2008).


Musindu Kanya-Ngambi “The Relationship Between the Leadership Style of Upper Secondary School Principals and the Achievement Level of Public Senior High School Students” (Ph.D. awarded 1982, Department of Educational Administration).


*Tony Khater “The Palestinian Resistance Movement in Lebanon: The Lebanese Response 1967-1976” (Ph.D. awarded 1982).


Chull Baum Kim “The United States Withdrawal Decision from South Korea (September 1945-June 1949)” (Ph.D. awarded 1984).


Sung Joo Kim “The Great Power Triangle and Southeast Asian Security Since 1972” (Ph.D. awarded 1986).


Taewoo Kim “Nuclear Proliferation: Long-Term Prospect and Strategy on the Basis of a Realistic Explanation of the Indian Case” (Ph.D. awarded 1989).


Patricia A. Maloney “Presidential Leadership, Change and Community: SUNY-Buffalo from 1966 to 1981” (Ph.D. awarded 2001, Graduate School of Education) (outside reader)


Yung Myung Kim “Political Economy of Military Rule: A Comparative Study of Brazil, South Korea, Peru and Egypt” (Ph.D. awarded 1985).


Marshall King “Political Recruitment in a Mono-Organizational Setting: The Soviet Central Party Leadership in the Post-Stalin Period” (Ph.D. awarded 1980).


*Karl L. Krueckenberg “Student Leaders and Politics: The Provincial Philippine Perspective” (Ph.D. awarded 1977).


Kenneth K. Kwaku “The Political Economy of Peripheral Development: A Case Study of the Volta Region (Ghana) Since 1920” (Ph.D. awarded 1975, University of Toronto).


*Shelah G. Leader “Military Professionalism and the Disposition to Intervene in Ghana and Mali” (Ph.D. awarded 1971).


J. Harold Leaman “The Spatial Role of Commercial Banking in Economic Develop­ment: The Example of Ethiopia” (Ph.D. awarded 1976, Department of Geography).


Zosimo Lee “The Political Conception of Justice: Rawls, Communitarianism, and Rational Conflict-Resolution” (Ph.D. awarded 1990, Department of Philosophy) (external reader).


Guoli Liu “States and Markets in Japan and the Soviet Union” (Ph.D. awarded 1992) (published in 1994 by Westview).


*Zihua (David) Liu “Understanding Corruption through a Cross-National Comparison” (Ph.D. awarded 2007)


Brandon D. Lundy "Making a Living in Kassumba, Guinea-Bissau” (Department of Anthropology) (Ph.D. awarded 2009)


Patricia A. Mahoney “Change in Higher Education: The University at Buffalo” (Department of Educational Organization, Administration and Policy) (Ph.D. awarded 2002).


Joseph Maitha “Coffee Production in Kenya: An Econometric Study” (Ph.D. awarded 1969, Department of Economics).


Denis Mbuyi “Educational Messages in Kenya and Tanzania: A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Elementary School Textbooks” (Ph.D. awarded 1982, Department of Social Foundations of Education).


*Hooshmand Mirfakhraei “The Iranian Armed Forces and the Revolution of 1978-9” (Ph.D. awarded 1984).


George W. Musambira “Goals and Interorganizational Communication: A Network Analysis of US and Canadian Non-Governmental Organizations Active in the East African Region” (Ph.D. awarded 1993, Department of Communication).


*Brian R. Nottingham “American Civil-Military Relations in the New Dark Ages”


Linus C. Okerere “Socio-Economic and Cultural Aspects of Food and Food Habits within the Rural Community of Owerri, Nigeria” (Ph.D. awarded 1979, Department of Anthropology) (published by University Press of America, 1983).


Omo Omoruyi “National Integration and Political Development in Guyana” (Ph.D. awarded 1970).


Soungalo Ouedraogo “The Political Economy of the Relationships Between Formal and Nonformal Education: Exploring Cost-Effectiveness from Burkina Faso” (Ph.D. awarded 1993, Department of Educational Organization, Administration and Policy).


Orlando Enrique Pacheco “The Theory and Practice of Military Disengagement: Nigeria 1975-1979” (Ph.D. awarded 1991, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa) (external reader).


*Sa-Myung Park “The State, Revolution, and Development: A Comparative Study of the Transformation of the State in Indonesia and the Philippines” (Ph.D. awarded 1988).


*Ben Pieczynski “Problems of U.S. Military Professionalism, 1945-1950” (Ph.D. awarded 1985).


Frank Ponsi Ethiopia's Development Planning Experience (1957-1979): A Case Study of Development Theories and Activities.” (Ph.D. awarded 1982, Department of Sociology).


*Dale Posgate “Social Mobilization, Nationalism, and Political Change in Quebec” (Ph.D. awarded 1971).


Sooh-Rhee Ryu “Democratic Representation in New Democracies: Government Responsiveness and Policy” (Ph.D. awarded 2009)


*W. A. Sambo “Group Violence and Governmental Response: A Nigerian Case Study” (Ph.D. awarded 1983).


*Joseph S. Sanko “Political Corruption as a Dimension of Political Socialization in Sub-Saharan Africa, with particular reference to Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Ghana” (Ph.D. awarded 2000).


Eliz Sansarian “Women's Movement as a Social Movement in Iran” (Ph.D. awarded 1980) (published by Praeger, 1982).


Nil Seda Satana “Third Party Intervention in Civil Conflicts: Sorting Out the Effects of Domestic Factors” (Ph.D. awarded 2006)


T. Jeffrey Scott “Basic Human Needs, Human Rights, and Human Development” (Ph.D. awarded 2003, Department of Philosophy).


Viberto Selocham “Professionalization and Politicization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines” (Ph.D. awarded 1990, National University of Australia) (external examiner).


Carolyn Price Singletary “Academic Effectiveness of Elementary Magnet Schools: The Impact of Magnet School Education (as a Vehicle for Desegregation) on the Academic Achievement of African-American Pupils” (Ph.D. awarded 1992, Department of Educational Organization, Administration and Policy) (outside reader).


*William Stover “Military Politics in Finland 1917-1939: Governmental Control over the Armed Forces” (Ph.D. awarded 1974) (published by University Press of America, 1982).


Blake Strack “The Uncommon Defense: Parochialism and Weapons Termination Decisions in Congressional Defense Committees, 1989-1990” (Ph.D. awarded 1994).


*Mavis Bunker Taintor “An Ecological Model of Peasant Revolution: The Indonesian Communist Experience 1952-1965” (Ph.D. awarded 1974).


Javier Torres “Military Government, Political Crisis, and Exceptional State: The Armed Forces of Colombia and the National Front, 1957-1974” (Ph.D. awarded 1985).


Micah Tsomondo “Kwame Nkrumah on Socialism and Continentalism as the Ideology for African Development” (Ph.D. awarded 1970, Department of History).


*Offiong Udofia “Trade Unionism and Socio-Political Change in Nigeria” (Ph.D. awarded 1976).


*Aimée Verdisco “Between Accountability and `Revindicación’: Development and Intra-national Differentiation in Uruguay” (Ph.D. awarded 1996)


*Robert C. Vogt “The Development of a Sense of Political Community in a Plural Society: Nation-Building in Trinidad” (Ph.D. awarded 1975).


*Q. Ken Wang “Achieving Political Influence in Asia: Changes in Japan's Foreign Policy Toward China and U.S.-Japanese Relations, 1972-1992” (Ph.D. awarded 1993).


T.Y. Wang “The Effect of Dependency on the Economic Development and Political Stability of Less Developed Countries: A Pooled Cross-Sectional and Time-Series Analysis” (Ph.D. awarded 1990).


Luo Xu “Changes in the Values of Chinese Youth, 1976-1988” (Ph.D. awarded 1995, Department of History)


*Kunchok Youdon “NGOs and Human Rights in South Asia: A Comparative Study of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet”


Ahmed Beita Yusuf “Legal Pluralism in the Northern States of Nigeria: Conflict of Laws in a Multi-Ethnic Environment” (Ph.D. awarded 1976, Department of Anthropology).