Pastrami and NYC

Pastrami is a classic and delicious New York delicatessan fare, and undeniably the finest lunchmeat for sandwiches.



Originating from the Jewish community in Romania and Bulgaria, Pastrami is a delicious cold cut which is usually made from brined beef but could also be pork, mutton, or turkey. That it is brined or pickled is attributed to the fact that its makers could not avail themselves to refrigeration because it hadn't been invented yet! Romanian Jews brought it to NYC in the late 18th century where it has emerged as a classic staple in sandwiches made in Jewish delicatessens.

Pastrami in NYC Today

With the influx of Jewish immigration to the United States in the late 18th and early 19th century, countless and sundry Jewish businesses arose to meet the needs of the burgeoning population. The Jewish delicatessen arose as one of these business archetypes where specialty Jewish foods, always prepared in agreement with Kosher dietary limitations, were prepared and sold. Transcending its insularity within the NYC Jewish community, pastrami and the distinct sandwich it is a key component of is now a classic favorite for all in the city.

The Sandwich

RyeBrisket PastramiWhole-grain MustardOnion (ring intact)Pickle

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