Medical Brigade

Trinity episcopal church, sponsor

The purpose of the group is primarily to provide preventative and primary care.  If an emergency arises, emergency care is also provided, but the access to technology is limited, and the care provided is based on the access the group has to the technology each year.

Each brigade lasts for one week.  The first day is spent as an orientation in San Salvador.  For the following four days, the group is on the road by 7:30AM to drive the hour to two hours outside of the city.  The group returns to San Salvador every night by approximately 8:00PM. 

Yes, everyone from outside of El Salvador goes on a purely volunteer basis.  Employees of El Salvador-based APROCSAL who provide the follow-up and continuing care are funded by APROCSAL.  In-country translators are also occasionally hired per diem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The funding for our brigade is procured purely through donations and grants from various NGOs.

How do you get your funding?

Are you all volunteers?

How long is your normal stay?

Do you provide preventative care or emergency care?

The group was initiated through Trinity Episcopal Church in Buffalo, NY.  It has grown substantially from there, and new members are selected by the two program coordinators.  To express interest, one may e-mail Catherine Gillespie at with a copy of their resume and a statement of specialization or particular interest.  The group is always looking to expand into different sectors of health care, and ideas and applications are welcome.

How do people get involved with this group?


Phone: 716-881-2199


Although the group was initiated through Trinity Episcopal Church in Buffalo, NY, it has since  grown substantially from there.  Most of the original members are also members of Trinity, but each year new medical team members are recruited to the El Salvador community from outside the Trinity community.   

Is everyone associated with the church?