Medical Brigade

Trinity episcopal church, sponsor

Medical Brigade January 2009


Medical Brigade Initiatives 

Incorporated in APROCSAL’s mission is a medical brigade that provides basic primary and preventative care to the rural populations of El Salvador.  This brigade is defined as a cooperation of physicians and health care workers from the United States, Canada, and El Salvador.  The week-long brigades bring medication, tooth brushes, health education, and medical care to over one thousand patients in the week of the brigade.  The cooperation has now expanded to a bi-annual initiative that includes ongoing care and medication for hypertensive patients and will include water safety infrastructure for select villages.


This is what we are about:
We plant seeds that one day will grow.
We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise.
We lay foundations that will need further development.
We provide yeast that produces effects beyond our capabilities. 
 ~Oscar Romero


Phone: 716-881-2199




Trinity Episcopal Church

Buffalo, NY

You may use this website to get more information about the sponsoring church or to make a donation to the Medical Brigade.  When making donations, make sure to specify that you would like your donation to go to the El Salvador Medical Brigade.