COM 631 Communication in Conflict
Spring Semester 2000

Instructor: Dr. Frank Tutzauer (

This class is intended to explore advanced research issues in the area of conflict and communication. We will examine the scholarly literature that deals with parties in conflict, including a variety of game-theoretic models (e.g., prisoner's dilemma, chicken, etc.). The only prerequisites are a familiarity with the scientific method and a sincere willingness to grapple with the research literature. Most of the readings are research articles, although a few are essays, thought pieces, or reviews.

The class will be taught in a seminar format, with the instructor and students taking turns leading discussion on topics brought up in the readings. Grades will be assigned by equally weighting the following items: heads-up classroom discussion, the presentations, and participation in an ongoing research project directed by me.

I have not yet decided on the precise literature we will be reading, but I will post this information as soon as I have time to put the reading list together. I will also post details on a class research project when I have decided on the direction I wish to take in this regard.


Tentative Course Schedule: [to be determined]

Week Topic Readings

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