My name is Chae Young Oh and I'm a Media Studies student in University at Buffalo. I have been working in film industries for several years and also in several film festivals and NGOs. I have produced many small pieces of films.

My skill set include proficiency in Final Cut Pro, videography, Photoshop, HTML, and After Effects. I am interested in internship position and would appriciate an opportunity to discuss how can I meet your project goal.

Chae Young Oh

Name : Chae Young Oh
Phone : +1 585 447 4857
Email : agacci5060@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ChaeyYoungAutumnOh
+ : coh6@buffalo.edu


- Photoshop and photography.

These pictures are taken through out different nations and timelines.

My Resume


  • 2014


    North Korean Human Right International Film Festival

    As I was working as Public Relationship department in NHIFF, I learned how to manage and advertise the NGO through social media such as Facebook or blogs. NHIFF was not a big film festival and I had to understand ways to make a big output and gather many audiences as possible. I successfully mediated and communicated with a lot of people. I mostly dealt with uploading weekly news as a editor and also making attractive and unique images through Photoshop.

  • 2014 - 2015


    Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights/ NHIFF

    I was recruited as an intern when I was working at PR department. "Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights" wanted somebody who could break the language barriers and communicate with other NGOs around the world. My main work was to translate official documents and write critiques of films that they were funding for. It helped me learn how to do time management in hectic environment.

  • 2015

    Post Production staff

    Film "November 9th" directed by Gye Min Kim

    I mostly helped editing film and translating it into English at this job. Working with professional director in Korea helped me understand what the role of director is and how to work in fields that require creativity. Moreover as I helped submitting films into a lot of international festivals, I understood the real value of films after postproduction.

  • 2013 - NOW


    Customer service/ volunteer works

    Since 2013, I have done many other customer services work in cafes. Even though it did not require professional skills, I experienced and learned how to work in different fields. More over, I have done continuous volunteer work for 3 years at several places such as children's hospital or center for mental illness.


These are skills that I learned at University at Buffalo.

Final Cut Pro
After Effects