MTH 306G                                         SYLLABUS                         Fall  2007

Text 1: (Required), Ordinary Differential Equations, Brannon & Boyce, Wiley, 2007

Topics: Chapters 1-3. Selected parts of 4-7 as time allows. See the Lecture Schedule below for more detail.

Required work: Three Tests during the semester and a Final Exam. Homework Problems as assigned.   




     Study Guides


9/28/07 (Friday)

    Study Guide #1




   Study Guide #2





   Study Guide #3

           FINAL EXAM



                        Your course grade will be based on the following. ( +/- grades will be assigned. )

                        Homework: Weekly homework as assigned from Wileyplus (20% of grade).

                       Tests: First Test 20%. Second Test 20%. Third Test 20%. Final Exam: 20% .

Lecture & Reading &Homework Assignments



                                         Lecture Date





Week #1

8/27/07 (Mon.)


8/31/07 (Fri.)







         See H.W. #1 - Due 8/31/07

         See H.W. #2(sect. 2.1) - Due 9/05/07





Week #2

9/05/07 (Wed.)


9/07/07 (Fri.)








See H.W. #3(sect. 2.2) - Due 9/14/07 


  Week #3        

9/10/07 (Mon.)


9/14/07 (Fri.)





See H.W. #4(sect. 2.3-2.4) - Due 9/19/07 






Week #4

9/17/05 (Mon.)


9/21/05 (Fri.)










Week #5

9/24/07 (Mon.)


9/28/07 (Fri.)










See H.W. #5(sect. 2.5) - Due 10/04/07 





Week #6

10/01/07 (Mon.)


                             10/05/07 (Fri.)




2.6, 3.1



See H.W. #6(sect. 2.6) - Due 10/11/07 




Week #7








Week #8







Week #9











Week #10
















Week #11























Week #12






Week #13







Week #14












Week # 15






















Week #9









Week #10











Week #10









Week #11









Week #12









Week #13










Week #14









Week #15


































Recitations will begin the second week of class.

Students with Disabilities: If you have a diagnosed disability (physical, learning or psychological) which will make it difficult for you to carry out the course work as outlined, or requires accommodations such as recruiting note takers, readers, or extra time on exams and/or assignments, please advise me during the first two weeks of the course so that we may review possible arrangements for reasonable accommodations.

Making up an Incomplete in mathematics:

To make up an incomplete, you must...

1.     Not re-register for the course — You are making up an incomplete in your original course.

2.     Appear in person at the Mathematics Building, Room 244, ask for Rosemarie Marciniak  and ask her to initiate an incomplete petition form for you.                                                                                                                      

3.     Sign the petition.

4.     a)  If your original instructor determined that the work was to be completed with him/her, take the approved petition form to your original instructor for his/her signature.                                                                                                                                 

 b) If your original instructor determined that the work was to be completed by your repeating the course, take the approved petition form to your new instructor for his/her signature.

5.     Return the petition form to Rosemarie Marciniak in Room 244 Mathematics Building   by the last day of drop/add (Friday, August 31).

Repeating Course: If this course is being taken to repeat a course previously taken at UB, it is important , for financial aid purposes, to be registered for 12 credit hours in addition to the course which is being repeated to be considered full time.

Important Dates:                                                                                                                                                                           

Friday, September 7: Last day to drop course –no record appears on transcript.                                               

Friday, September 7: Last day to file “Petition to make up an incomplete” with the Department of Mathematics for Fall 2005 class attendance.                                                                                     

Friday, October 26 Last day to “resign” Fall 2007 courses.  A grade of “R” appears on transcript. (One semester UB students have until November 9 (3 WEEKS LATER) to resign with an “R” provided they have contacted their advisor about this option prior to November 9 to discuss this option.)